Antique Pots
  1. LRD

    Antique French Gien Custard Pots - Set of 5 - Rose Victoria - gold/multi

    $159.00 $265.00 $159.00
    More Details Set of five antique French Faience custard pots. Beautiful quality and detailing as Gien is known for. Maker's mark on underside.
  2. RTT

    Antique Honey Pot - AntiqueLifestyle - weathered white

    More Details Antique handmade honey pot formerly used for food storage. Old hand-repairs, minor wood splits. Age wear.
  3. RTT

    Antique Weathered Gray Pot - AntiqueLifestyle

    More Details Antique handcrafted clay pot with hand-thrown details. Time-worn patina throughout.
  4. RTT

    Antique Honey Pot - AntiqueLifestyle - weathered white

    More Details Antique hand-carved wood honey pot with a weathered white finish. Some imperfections.
  5. LRD

    Antique English Pewter Miniature Tea Pot - Rose Victoria - pewter/brown

    $79.00 $135.00 $79.00
    More Details Antique English pewter pumpkin shaped miniature tea pot. Maker's mark on underside.
  6. LRD

    1882 Antique English Bargeware Tea Pot - Rose Victoria - brown/multi

    $195.00 $325.00 $195.00
    More Details Antique English Bargeware teapot. Dated 1882 on the front. No maker's mark. Light wear, crazing.
  7. VML

    Antique French Mustard Pot - Vermilion Designs - brown

    More Details Antique French ceramic mustard and paprika pot with lid. Pot has a faux-bois texture and finish. Nut image in relief on the lid with a slot for the measuring spoon. Marked in relief on the side " Moutarde Arikx." No maker's mark.
  8. BAH

    Antique French Burgandy Confit Pot - Ballyhoo - gray/beige

    More Details Antique confit pot with double handles from the Burgundy region of France. Originally used for food or liquid storage. Interior opening, 5.37"Dia. Surface wear, nicks, discoloration.
  9. LRD

    Antique English Pewter Pepper Pot - Rose Victoria

    $75.00 $145.00 $75.00
    More Details Antique English pewter figural bird pepper pot. Maker's mark on underside.
  10. LRD

    Antique Doulton Lambeth Pot - Rose Victoria - cream/multi

    More Details Antique Doulton Lambeth pot with intricate raised decoration. Maker's mark on underside. Light wear.
  11. FVO

    Antique Brass Elephant Figural Pot - G3Q Designs - gold

    More Details Antique brass figural elephant pot with hinged opening on back. No maker's mark. Minimal age wear.
  12. BJT

    Antique Ming Terracotta Ceremonial Pot - FEA Home - green

    More Details 17th-century Chinese ceremonial terracotta pot made during the Ming Dynasty. This small cylindrical pot stands on three legs, its belly displays lightly carved patterns and the entire piece is covered with green glaze. The Immortal mountain shape of the lid suggests this pot was probably used during Taoist ceremonies. Minor age wear.
  13. KWY

    Antique Brass Pot with Handles - de-cor - oxidized gold

    More Details Large brass pot from Southern India originally used for storing water. Decorated with hammered impressions and metal ring handles. Opening, 8.5"Dia. Minor wear. Small blemishes, aged patina.
  14. KWY

    Antique Brass Pot - de-cor - oxidized gold

    More Details Large brass pot originally used for storing water from Southern India. Decorated with hammered impressions and metal ring handles. Opening, 8.5"Dia. Age wear.
  15. KWY

    Antique Hammered Copper Pot - de-cor - aged copper

    More Details Rare oversize rounded copper pot from India. This piece was originally used for cooking. It features two large handles for easy carry and retains its original rustic and beautiful tarnish copper finish.
  16. LIM

    Two Handle Pot - Antique Green

    $124.50 $160.00 $124.50
    More Details Beautifully crafted of ceramic and finished with an antiqued green drip glaze, this shapely vessel looks just as stylish on its own as it does housing fresh greenery. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Due to the handmade nature of this piece, variations in color, tone, and pattern may occur.
  17. BJT

    Primitive Nepalese Rustic Wood Ghee Pots - FEA Home - brown

    More Details Antique Nepalese primitive wooden ghee pots of various shapes and dimensions, sold in sets of five. Created to store ghee or cheese, they boast a simple appearance and a dark patina. Allow us to pick the perfect set for you, tell us how many and we will give you a quote. For reference, in the general photo the large one is 11.5" of diameter x 15" height - The medium size is: 7" W x ...
  18. LRD

    Antique English Chocolate & Coffee Pots - Rose Victoria - silver/copper/brown

    $195.00 $325.00 $195.00
    More Details Antique English silver-plate over copper chocolate and coffee pots. Silver-plate is polished down to the copper base, the hallmark of early Sheffield plate. Made circa 1830. It is highly unusual to find an original pair. No maker's mark.
  19. VHT

    Joel Edwards Mid Century Footed Pot - Artifax Antiques - brown/tan

    More Details Mid Century studio pottery jar or vase by well known California potter, Joel Edwards. Dark brown matte glaze with a panel of carved sgraffito abstract design and small tripod feet. Signed on bottom.
  20. WPF

    26" Phalaenopsis in Pot - Faux - The French Bee - arrangement, pink; vessel, blue/white

    $319.50 $400.00 $319.50
    More Details All the graceful beauty of the real thing, minus the maintenance: This lifelike silk orchid comes elegantly planted in an antique-style ceramic pot.
  21. ROT

    Large French Store Display Mustard Pot - New England Mercantile - green/white

    More Details Very large antique French "Moutarde" (mustard) pot. Would have been used in a market to make and store quantity of mustard. It would hold at least two quarts. In very good condition, would be perfectly suited as a kitchen utensil holder. Maker's mark on underside.
  22. BAH

    Italian Confit Pot - C. 1900 - Ballyhoo - cream/natural

    More Details Antique glazed confit pot originally used for storing meat or duck fat in Northern Italy, circa 1900. Surface wear, discolorations, chips.
  23. LRD

    English Copper Captian's Hot Water Pot - Rose Victoria - copper/black

    More Details Antique English Victorian copper Captain's hot water pot. Wide flat bottom intended for stability on a boat or ship. No maker's mark. Light wear, minimal dimpling. Intended for decorative purposes.
  24. VQD

    Moroccan Tuareg Clay Pot - clay/black

    More Details Vintage handmade Moroccan Tuareg decorative clay water pot decorated with a geometric design in black. Age wear.
  25. VQD

    Large Saharian Terracota Pot with Stand

    More Details Large terra-cotta pot with black cast iron stand. Originally used to carry water. From the Moroccan Sahara.
  26. VML

    Antique Monticello Teapot - Vermilion Designs - blue/white

    More Details Antique Delft-style Monticello hand-painted blue-and-white teapot with lid, handle, and spout. Deer and estate pavilion accents. No maker's mark. Minor wear.
  27. LRD

    Oversize Antique Stoneware Teapot - Rose Victoria - brown

    $285.00 $475.00 $285.00
    More Details Oversized antique English stoneware teapot, circa 1830. Possibly used as a shop display piece. It holds more than a gallon of water. No maker's mark. Small nicks on inner lid (not visible with lid in place).
  28. BJT

    Antique Indian Hand-Hammered Teapot - FEA Home - natural

    More Details Antique hand-hammered brass teapot from India. Age wear, dents, oxidation.
  29. VML

    Antique British Gentleman Teapot - Vermilion Designs - white/multi

    More Details Antique hand-painted porcelain British figure miniature teapot. Lid is the top of the hat. Marked "Old Castle, Made In England" on the underside. Some restoration to lid.
  30. RTT

    European Stoneware Saucepot - AntiqueLifestyle - white

    More Details European stoneware saucepot with handle. Marked "Made in France." Minor wear.
  31. IID

    13" Great Wall Teapot - Blue/White

    More Details Intricately detailed with a painted traditional landscape and finished with a brass handle, this porcelain teapot has the air of a rare antique.
  32. THK

    1897 Queen Victoria Terracotta Teapot - THE QUEENS LANDING - brown/multi

    More Details Antique terracotta teapot commentating the 1897 Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. Dated on back. No maker's mark. Light wear, small flake on rim.