Antique Vases
  1. WBR

    Antique Doulton Lambeth English Vases - The Emporium Ltd. - blue/green/brown/white

    More Details Pair of early 1900s Doulton Lambeth English Arts and Crafts majolica vases with floral, heart, bead and acanthus leaf decorations, and glossy blue, green, and brown glazes. Marked “Doulton Lambeth England" with a mark used from 1891 through 1956.
  2. WDE

    Antique Delft Polychrome Vases - Set of 2 - Faded Rose Antiques LLC - white/multi

    More Details A fine quality pair of 19th-Century Dutch Delft vases. They are hand molded and hand painted in polychrome with geometric and floral designs. The maker's mark is on the reverse. They are lovely. No maker's mark.
  3. VML

    Antique Ram's Head & Cherub Vases - Set of 2 - Vermilion Designs - off-white/gold/black/gray

    More Details Pair of antique porcelain ram's head and cherub urn vases. Each vase has a different cherub scene with ram's head handles. Acanthus leaf design at the base of the body with gilt accents. Fluted and Greek key style bottom. Gilt accents. Marked with a crossed arrows in a circle logo on the underside. Minor surface wear.
  4. VML

    Antique Reed & Bird Vases - Set of 2 - Vermilion Designs - green/yellow/blue/white

    More Details Pair of antique French majolica reed and bird vases. Each vase depicts a cylindrical form of woven reeds with a wild bird attached on the side. Floral accents on the base. No maker's mark.
  5. VML

    Antique Wedgwood Vase - Vermilion Designs - green/white

    More Details Antique Wedgwood green jasperware vase with classical figures representing the arts along with a draped grape leaf garland and lion heads with rings. Marked "Wedgwood, Made In England" on the underside. Light wear.
  6. HXS

    Antique Vase By - Hull - Jacki Mallick Designs - green/pink/yellow

    More Details Antique Art Nouveau ceramic "Winter Lilly" two handle vase By Hull Pottery. This lovely sherbet toned two sided pattern vase is pink, yellow and pistachio in color with the iconic "heart" form top opening. Marked on the underside, Hull USA-L-13 and artist signature.
  7. HTC

    Antique Aqua Cloisonne Vase with Stand - Design Line

    More Details Large late 19th century aqua enamel over copper cloisonne vase with intricately detailed gold plated t-fret background adorned with a green, blue, pink and red floral pattern on a carved wood stand. Vase, 7”W x 13.25”H; stand, 5”W X 1.5”H. No maker's mark. Light wear to gold.
  8. VML

    Antique French Porcelain Floral Vase - Vermilion Designs - bone/gold/white

    More Details Antique porcelain and gilt floral vase from the Joan Rivers Estate. Vase has larger six-sided faceted base tapering to a smaller neck. Gilt floral crest on one side and gilt floral on the other with hand-crafted raised porcelain stylized floral design surrounding. Marked "B W" along with logo and symbol on the underside. Also marked "Made in France" on the base of one side and signed Leon on the base of the other side. Light ...
  9. LRD

    Antique Jules Viellard Bordeaux Vase - Rose Victoria - blue/multi

    More Details French Art Deco Jules Vieillard vase. Highly collectible French faience pottery from the Bordeaux region. Jules Viellard is known for the intricate hand enameled textured detailing that mimics early cloisonné. Maker's mark on underside.
  10. LRD

    Antique Stag Horn & Silver-Plate Vase - Rose Victoria - silver/brown

    More Details Antique silver-plate-and-glass centerpiece vase with natural stag-antler accents. Maker's mark on underside.
  11. VML

    Antique Royal Crown Derby Urn Vase - Vermilion Designs - navy/gold/multi

    More Details Antique Regency period porcelain with hand-painted fruit still life, urn vase with gold painted acanthus leaf style handles. Deep navy blue body background glaze and hand-painted fruit composition on the front. Gilt acanthus leaf design accents. Gilt star and wave pattern accents on the base. Marked with a crown and crossed swords logo on the underside for Royal Crown Derby. Minor surface wear.
  12. VML

    Antique Wedgwood Majolica Boucher Vase - Vermilion Designs - blue/gold/multi

    More Details Wedgwood majolica "Boucher" vase, circa 1875. Cobalt blue amphora hung with laurel swags supported on the backs of two putti aside gardening tools atop a shaped pedestal base. See illustration "Art Journal 1878" Paris Exhibition. No maker's mark.
  13. BJT

    Antique Glazed Ceramic Hunan Vase - FEA Home - green

    More Details Antique Chinese green glazed ceramic Hunan vase. Age wear.
  14. VML

    Antique Porcelain Floral Urn Vase - Vermilion Designs - white/multi

    More Details Antique porcelain floral urn style vase with ornate handles. Floral design in relief within the porcelain face and hand-painted floral bouquets and vinettes as accenting. Marked "Coalport, Felt Spar, Porcelain, The Gold Medal Awarded May 30th, 1820, Patronisco by the Society of the Arts, Frose, NC" on the underside.
  15. VML

    Antique Faience Ram's Head Trumpet Vase - Vermilion Designs - off-white/multi

    More Details Antique Faience ram's head trumpet vase with three leg base. Handprinted and crafted ram's head at the bottom of trumpet and then flaring out to the top as the trumpet vase. Hand-painted florals and acanthus leaf design accents. Marked "1598, A, Rouen" on the underside.
  16. WBR

    Antique Gien French Faience Vase - The Emporium Ltd. - black/ochre/blue/green/yellow/white

    More Details Hand-painted Gien French faience vase decorated with cherubs, mythical creatures, flora, fauna, and scrollwork, in a rich color palette. Marked "Gien France" with the company castle mark used beginning in 1866. Tight hairline cracks on base (pictured).
  17. VML

    Antique Quimper Maiden Wall Pocket Vase - Vermilion Designs - off-white/multi

    More Details Antique Quimper wall pocket vase in a tapered shape. Hand-painted maiden holding flowers with stylized and abstracted floral accents. Hole at the top for hanging. No maker's mark.
  18. DSW

    Antique Hand-Painted Vase with Holder - La Maison Supreme - turquoise/silver/multi

    More Details Antique hand-painted vase with silver-plated detachable base holder. Maker's mark on the underside.
  19. VML

    Antique Silver Edwardian Spoon Bud Vase - Vermilion Designs

    More Details Edwardian silver-plated spoon repurposed and refashioned as a bud vase with the spoon as the handle and base and another hollowed spoon handle for vase. No maker's mark. Some tarnish.