Blue Antique Decor
  1. JEA

    2' x 4' antique Art Deco Chinese Rug - Eli Peer Oriental Rugs - blue/multi

    More Details This wonderful handwoven Art Deco carpet was made in China, circa 1910s or 1920's. Walter Nichols was great American rug producer (the Art Deco rugs which he did not originate them) in Tientsin. The rugs made of wool and silk with bold vibrant colors and the pattern are pictorial scenes and trees, birds, clouds, mountains, dragons, butterfly and flowers. The production of Art Deco rugs started from 1910s-1950s and mostly with western influence.
  2. NBE

    Antique Heriz-Serapi Rug - 8'5" x 11'5" - Keivan Woven Arts - blue/red/multi

    More Details Antique hand-knotted Persian Heriz-Serapi rug featuring an allover geometric design in jewel tones.8'5 x 11'5
  3. NBE

    Antique Khorassan Carpet - 10' x 12'10" - Keivan Woven Arts - blue/multi

    More Details Antique hand-knotted wool Khorassan carpet with a layered medallion design on a blue field. Age wear.
  4. HTC

    Antique Aqua Apothecary Bottles - Set of 2 - Design Line - aqua/turquoise/blue

    More Details Pair of antique aqua blue heavy glass apothecary jars, circa 1880. Large with glass stopper, 4.5”W x 13”H; smaller, 2.5”W x 6.75”H, is iridescent and embossed with a lion and “I. Levinson, 346 West 12th St Chicago.” Some wear, chips and stains from use.
  5. WDE

    Antique Nautical Delft Tile Plaque - Faded Rose Antiques LLC - blue/white/brown

    More Details Circa 1910, faience Delft hand painted 4 tile plaque. Depicts 2 large fishing sloops just off the beach with figures. Signed lower left corner 'HL' and right corner with an 'M' and H. W. Mesdag. Mesdag (1831 - 1915), is a well known Dutch marine artist. Tile plaque is 8"L x 8"W.
  6. LRD

    Antique English Cobalt Stems - Set of 14 - Rose Victoria - cobalt blue

    More Details Set of fourteen antique English cobalt blue wine stems. They are hand-blown Bristol blue, made circa 1780. Dimensions: large, 3.5"Dia x 5.5"H; medium, 2.75"Dia x 4.5"H; small, 2.25"Dia x 4"H. No maker's mark.
  7. QHD

    Antique American Painted Oval Mirror - House of Charm Antiques - blue/silver

    More Details Antique American painted oval mirror, new mirror glass, gesso on wood acanthus motif, freshly painted in Annie Sloan 'Louis Blue' and French warm silver gilding wax touches.
  8. UTU

    English Queen Anne Style High Back Chair - Cannery Row Home - green, burgundy, blue, antique white

    More Details Lithe, stately Queen Anne English wingback library chair circa 1910. The chair stands on Mahogany cabriole front legs with pad feet, the back legs being marvelously angled with chamfered edge detailing. The original crewel upholstery with hand stitching throughout is well worn with much character as is. Generous height and a good candidate for customization. One chair available. Seat: 18" high.
  9. VML

    Antique Wedgwood Dancing Maidens Urn - Vermilion Designs - blue/white

    More Details Antique English Wedgwood jasperware vase with dancing maidens encircling the classical urn shape. More classical fan and leaf designs accent both the top, lid, and base. Marked "Wedgwood" on the underside.
  10. LRD

    Antique Monmouth Sleepy Eye Pitcher - Rose Victoria - blue/white

    More Details Large Monmouth Sleep Eye pitcher. Thick cobalt blue glaze with Native American scenes. No maker's mark. Small chip restorations along bottom edge.
  11. LRD

    Antique French Quimper Pitcher - Rose Victoria - blue/multi

    More Details Antique French Quimper pitcher decorated with a Breton woman. Maker's mark under handle. Usual faience flakes, flaws and firing blemishes.
  12. LRD

    Antique English Doulton Tobacco Shop Jar - Rose Victoria - blue/gold

    More Details Antique English Royal Doulton cobalt tobacco jar. Hand-painted gilded "Bewlays Tawny Flake" logo on the front. This would have been used in a tobacco shop. Makers mark on bottom. Wear to original label.
  13. VML

    Antique Wedgwood Majolica Boucher Vase - Vermilion Designs - blue/gold/multi

    More Details Wedgwood majolica "Boucher" vase, circa 1875. Cobalt blue amphora hung with laurel swags supported on the backs of two putti aside gardening tools atop a shaped pedestal base. See illustration "Art Journal 1878" Paris Exhibition. No maker's mark.
  14. WBR

    Antique Doulton Lambeth English Vases - The Emporium Ltd. - blue/green/brown/white

    More Details Pair of early 1900s Doulton Lambeth English Arts and Crafts majolica vases with floral, heart, bead and acanthus leaf decorations, and glossy blue, green, and brown glazes. Marked “Doulton Lambeth England" with a mark used from 1891 through 1956.
  15. VML

    Antique Sea Life Majolica Pitcher - Vermilion Designs - blue/multi

    More Details Antique sea life majolica pitcher with handle and spout. No maker's mark.
  16. LRD

    Antique Chinese Export Ginger Jar - Rose Victoria - blue/gray

    More Details Antique Chinese export ginger jar, circa 1790. No maker's mark. Light wear.
  17. LRD

    Antique Jules Viellard Bordeaux Vase - Rose Victoria - blue/multi

    More Details French Art Deco Jules Vieillard vase. Highly collectible French faience pottery from the Bordeaux region. Jules Viellard is known for the intricate hand enameled textured detailing that mimics early cloisonné. Maker's mark on underside.
  18. LRD

    Antique Chinese Export Canton Ginger Jar - Rose Victoria - blue/gray

    More Details Antique Chinese export ginger jar, circa 1820. No maker's mark. Light wear.
  19. JEA

    Antique Tehran Rug - 6'7" x 10'4" - Eli Peer Oriental Rugs - blue/multi

    More Details Antique handmade Persian Tehran rug with an allover floral design on a dark blue field, circa 1900. Framed with several borders with closely knit petals and blossoms in earthy browns, cool beiges, rich taupes, and delicate creams.
  20. LAR

    Antique Malayer Rug - 3'10" x 6'6" - blue/multi

    More Details Antique Malayer rug featuring a soft pastel blue border surrounded an allover design on an abrashed brown field.
  21. LRD

    Antique English Willow Jug w/Lid - Rose Victoria - blue/white

    More Details Unusual English willow pattern pitcher with original lid. Made by Ridgways, circa 1900. These do not usually come with a lid, this one was probably meant for use as a hot milk serving pot. Maker's mark on underside.
  22. BJT

    Antique Chinese Planter - FEA Home - white/blue

    More Details Antique Chinese porcelain planter. Hand-painted, wear consistent with age. Scratches on sides as shown.
  23. LRD

    Antique Imari Lantern Base - Rose Victoria - blue/white/multi

    More Details Antique Japanese Imari lantern base. Extremely rare piece of Imari porcelain, it would have had a shade and held a candle. Intricate hand-painted design. Made during the Meiji period, circa 1880. Would be suitable to have wired for a lamp. No maker's mark.
  24. LAR

    Antique Malayer Rug - 2'9" x 3'11 - blue/multi

    More Details Persian Malayer rug with allover motif on a blue field, circa 1890.
  25. LAR

    Antique Bessarabian Kilim - 7' x 10' - blue/brown

    More Details Antique reversible flat-woven Bessarabian rug with a striking botanical pattern in a soft color palette, circa 1890.
  26. VML

    Antique Quail Transferware Pitcher - Vermilion Designs - blue/off-white

    More Details Antique English quail transferware pitcher with handle and spout. Depicts a scene with a pair of quail grazing in a garden. Floral, geometric, and fruit top edge frieze design. Marked "Furnivals, 1913, Quail, Made In England..." on the underside. Minor patina, and age wear.
  27. LAR

    Antique Bessarabian Kilim Rug - 6' x 9' - blue/green/beige

    More Details Antique reversible flat-woven Bessarabian rug with a striking floral pattern in a soft color palette, circa 1890.
  28. JDO

    Antique Tabriz Rug - 8'6'' x 11'3'' - J & D Oriental Rugs - rose/blue/multi

    More Details Early-20th-century hand-knotted Persian Tabriz rug with allover Herati design on a red field, circa 1910. Some wear.
  29. LAR

    Antique Malayer Rug - 4'1" x 6'5" - blue/multi

    More Details Antique Malayer rug with an allover motif on a blue field and intricate border design. Age wear.
  30. BJT

    Antique Indian Mughal Painting - FEA Home Art - multi

    More Details Antique Indian Mughal painting. New giltwood frame. Painting: 10.5"H x 6"L.
  31. EBV

    Antique Palette - Francis West - Cliffe's Edge Antiques Art - brown/multi

    More Details Original waterfront landscape on board of a sunrise or sunset scene viewed through a grove of white trees. Painted on a mahogany artist's palette, with brush strokes of color on the left. Signed lower right by the listed artist, Francis West.
  32. JEA

    3' x 5' Antique Persian Sarouk Rug - Eli Peer Oriental Rugs - multi/blue

    More Details One of the top high end handwoven Persian carpet maker. The source of this important provenance has been in the village of Sarouk. North of Arak (formerly Sultanabad). Sarouks are known to be of high quality. The pile is usually higher than the average Persian rug and therefore Sarouks are rather heavy and solid rugs, the wool being used is high quality durable wool. "Mohajeran" or "Mahajiran" is the name of a village West of ...
  33. WDE

    Cote d'Azur Oil by Mariel Calelein - Faded Rose Antiques LLC Art - blue/multi; frame, gray/gilt

    More Details French oil painting of a village on the Cote d'Azur with sailboats in the distance. Signed "Mariel Calelein" lower right. Displayed in the original carved and gilt frame. Canvas, 13"L x 9.5"H.
  34. JEA

    Antique Persian Malayer Rug - 4'4" x 6'5" - Eli Peer Oriental Rugs - blue/multi

    More Details Antique handmade Persian Malayer rug with a medallion design in a striking color palette.
  35. LAR

    Antique Bessarabian Kilim - 4'2" x 6'5" - blue/multi

    More Details Antique Bessarabian Kilim with a floral motif. Hand woven in Romania.
  36. OHD

    Kano School - Japanese Garden - 1880s - McNaught Fine Art Art - blue/green

    $389.50 $975.00 $389.50
    More Details An antique, 19th century, Japanese Kano School watercolor and gouache showing a view of an instructor teaching his pupils on a rooftop with a view towards stylized mountains in the distance. An elegant composition by a skilled hand, using harmonious pigments with clouds of burnished copper and gold leaf dusting. Painted circa 1880. Very Good. Unframed.
  37. JEA

    Antique Chinese Peking Rug - 5' x 7'8" - Eli Peer Oriental Rugs - blue/ivory/multi

    More Details Antique handmade wool Chinese Peking rug featuring a panda medallion motif on a blue field with a camel-hued border design.
  38. VHT

    Scottish Highlands - C. 1890 - Artifax Antiques Art - blue/multi

    More Details Small-scale watercolor painting of the Scottish Highlands, circa 1890. Unsigned. Unframed.
  39. VHT

    M. Stark Buckley Nautical Watercolor - Artifax Antiques Art - blue/white/tan

    More Details Watercolor painting on artist board of sailing ship by Marjory Stark Buckley. Signed on lower right and left corners. Unframed.
  40. WDE

    Martigues Harbor Scene by M. Ameglio - Faded Rose Antiques LLC Art - blue/multi; frame, blue/white

    More Details Impressionist-style oil painting of boats in Martigues, France by Merio Ameglio (Italian 1897-1970). Signed lower right. Canvas, 15"L x 18"H.
  41. EBV

    Italian Port - 1946 - Cliffe's Edge Antiques Art - blue/multi; frame, brown

    More Details Oil painting of an Italian port displayed in the original ornate giltwood frame. Signed and dated "De Keukelaere, 1946" lower right corner. Age wear.
  42. VHT

    Portrait of Woman On Blue - Artifax Antiques Art

    More Details Oil on canvas portrait of woman with blue background. Unsigned. Unframed.
  43. LRD

    Antique Hand-Made French Coverlet - Rose Victoria - turquoise

    More Details Antique handmade French coverlet. Finely crocheted with intricate pattern, taking months to complete. Newly dyed in Provence with natural vegetable dye, washed with lavender water. Due to the nature of the dying process there may be slight coloring variations. No maker's mark.
  44. PTO

    11" Braganza Decorative Tray - Blue/White - Port 68

    More Details This modern interpretation of an Indian antique is beautifully shaped of porcelain with brightly hued flora-and-fauna motifs and a crackled white glaze. Smartly sized, we love this piece for balancing a chic tabletop vignette.
  45. VHT

    Ninilchik Alaska by Betty Cordiner - Artifax Antiques Art - blue/multi; mat, ivory

    More Details Watercolor painting titled "Ninilchik Summer Night." Signed "Betty Cordiner" and titled on verso. Unframed. Displayed in a mat; view area, 20"L x 13.5"H.
  46. VHT

    Plein Air Patio Garden - Artifax Antiques Art - gray/blue/red

    More Details Oil on Masonite painting of a container garden. Unsigned. Unframed. Edge wear.
  47. JEA

    Antique Persian Kerman Rug - 8'9" x 11'9" - Eli Peer Oriental Rugs - light blue/multi

    More Details Antique handwoven Persian Laver Kerman carpet with an elaborate medallion design in a versatile color palette.
  48. VHT

    Monumental Madonna Painting - Artifax Antiques Art - blue/red/multi

    More Details Monumental oil on canvas Madonna with child and angels painting for a church mural by Geneva Flores Hart (1906-2008), circa 1950. Unframed; not on a stretcher, canvas will be rolled for shipping. Edge wear, overall craquelure.
  49. WDE

    The Waterlily Pond - William Mercier - Faded Rose Antiques LLC Art - blue/multi; frame, gold

    More Details Fine quality Impressionism oil on canvas by listed French artist, William Mercier (1939 - ). Depicts a field of native grasses and wildflowers around a pond. The flowering trees on the left draw in the viewer and trees in the background are lit and reflected in the setting sun in a tranquil landscape. Signed lower corner and carries a frame plaque. Canvas: 13.5"L x 9"H.
  50. VHT

    Seascape by James W. Woodruff - Artifax Antiques Art - blue/brown/multi

    More Details Seascape painting by James W. Woodruff (1913-1989). Signed on lower left corner. Unframed. Edge wear, small areas of paint loss.
  51. VHT

    Modernist Harbor Scene - Artifax Antiques Art - blue/yellow/white

    More Details Modernist oil on canvas board painting of a harbor with sailboats. Signed "M. Baron" lower right corner. Unframed.