Blue Lithograph

    1947 Piet Mondrian Lithograph - ecru/blue/yellow/persimmon/black/gray

    More Details Original period offset tipped-in lithograph after modernist painting "Composition" by Piet Mondrian. From an art folio published by Albert Skira in Paris, France, in 1947. Printed on one side. Attached to an insert of heavy wove paper. Information about the original artwork will be found by lifting the lithograph. High-end quality. Excellent condition. Image, 8.25"L x 9.75"H.

    1943 Picasso - Portrait Lithograph - blue/apricot/ebony/ecru/multi

    More Details Original period offset lithograph print of the painting "Portrait" (1941) by Pablo Picasso. From a first limited edition folio of Picasso's Cubism period, created while the artist was still living, published by Les Editions du Chene in France, 1943. Information regarding the original artwork, in French, on paper under the piece. Numbered "VII." Attached to an insert of wove paper. The lithograph itself is in excellent condition, minor age wear on wove paper, gently used. ...

    Paul Klee Tête Lithograph - 1947 - ecru/pink/blue/orange/salmon/amethyst

    More Details Original offset lithograph print after modernist painting "Tête" (A Head) by Paul Klee. Comes from a rare art folio published by Albert Skira in 1947 in Paris, France. Printed on one side. Hand tipped-in on a sheet of heavy paper. Information regarding the original artwork will be found by lifting the lithograph. High-end quality. Excellent condition; never framed. Image, 7.65"L x 10.75"H.

    1939 Salvador Dalí Original Lithograph - blue/teal/raspberry/sand/multi

    More Details Original period two-sided offset lithograph after Surrealist Setting and Surrealist Costumes for Bacchanale ballet by Salvador Dalí. Comes from a rare book, published in 1939. Illustrations for this edition were prepared by artists themselves: Matisse, Picasso, Berard, Dalí, and more. Excellent condition; minor age wear, never used. Image, 7.25"W x 5.25"H.

    Francisco Bores - Still Life Lithograph - ecru/blue/gray/black/white

    More Details Original period tipped-in paper lithograph after painting "Nature Morte" (Still Life) by Francisco Bores. Comes from a rare art folio published by Albert Skira in Paris, France in 1947. Tipped-in on an insert of heavy wove paper, not a book page. Information about the original artwork will be found by lifting the plate. Excellent condition - minor age wear on the insert, never used. High-end quality. Image, 10.15"L x 8.25"H.

    French Institute Lithograph by Olson - Blink Home Vintique - blue/yellow/gray/multi

    More Details Midcentury cityscape featuring the French Institute building. Lithograph on paper underneath glass in a wood frame. Signed "Olson" and dated 1956. Minor wear.

    1978 Hubert Hilscher - Cyrk Lithograph - peachy red/blue/army green/black/white/gray

    More Details Midcentury offset lithograph print titled "Cyrk" after the painting by Hubert Hilscher. Signed in the print. Comes from a rare folio of art pieces by 20th-century artists, published in 1978. The back is blank except for reference to the next print in the folio.

    R. Dufy - Homage to Mozart XL Lithograph - blue/red/persimmon/beige/ecru/black

    More Details Rare extra-large lithograph after painting "Homage to Mozart" by Raoul Dufy. Signed in the print: "Raoul Dufy 1915." Name of the composer of the bust. Printed on high-quality heavy paper, on one side. Publishers copy at the corners. Excellent condition; minor age wear on edges, never used. Brilliant colors. Holland, second half of the 20th century. This piece was stored flat and will be shipped in a tube to avoid damage.

    Fernand Léger Lithograph - 1948 - mustard/brown/black/slate gray/light blue/light gray

    More Details Original period tipped-in offset lithograph print of "Composition aux Deux Profils" (Composition with Two Profiles, 1933) by F. Léger. Comes from first limited edition folio published by Editions du Chene in Paris, in 1948. Folio N266. Signed in the print: F. Leger. 33. Information about the painting is printed in French under the plate. Numbered: IX. Attached to an insert of heavy paper. Image: 7.85"L x 10.55"H. Minor age wear. Some foxing on paper insert. ...

    French Architectural Ornament Lithograph - Artifax Antiques - blue/gold/tan

    More Details French color lithograph of an architectural decoration with clouds and putti. From L'Architecture Privee au XIXme Siecle, 1877. Unframed. Age toning.

    20th-Century Abstract Lithograph - Blink Home Vintique - multi/blue/black/orange

    More Details Late 20th-C. colorful abstract lithograph. Lithograph on paper under glass in a metal frame. Print size: 27" x 21".Signed.

    Boston Offset Lithograph - Rare Posters Art - blue/multi

    More Details Offset lithograph of Boston Harbor. Unsigned. Light signs of handling.

    Audubon Indigo Bird Lithograph - 1966 - ecru/blue/green/brown/multi

    More Details Vintage reproduction of the original lithographic print of indigo birds by John James Audubon from his book, "Birds of America." Published in the USA, 1966. Signed in the print. Excellent quality and condition.

    1950s Picasso Lithographs - Set of 2 - ecru/blue/rose/tan/multi

    More Details Set of two tipped-in lithograph prints by Picasso including "The Harlequin's Family" and "Two Saltimbanques with a Dog" (1905). From a first limited edition of 16 prints from Picasso's portfolio, published circa 1950. Signed in the print. Overall, 11"L x 14.75"H. "The Harlequin's Family" print, 7.45"L x 10.25"H image only. "Two Saltimbanques with a Dog" print, 7.15"L x 10.25"H image only. Minor wear.

    1950s Picasso Lithographs - Set of 2 - ecru/teal/blue/celadon/multi

    More Details Set of two vintage original period tipped-in offset lithographs after paintings by Picasso including "La Vie" (Life) and "The Old Guitarist" (1903). From a limited edition folio, published circa 1950. First American edition. Signed in the print. La Vie, image: 6.5"L x 10.25"H. The Old Guitarist, image: 7.5"L x 9.75". Excellent condition; never framed.

    Lithographs of Japan by M. Menpes - 1901 - ecru/pink/green/blue/multi

    More Details Set of four original period offset lithographs of Japan by M. Menpes (1855-1938). Gold leafed top edges. Mortimer Luddington Menpes was an Australian-born English artist, author, printmaker, illustrator, member of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers, Royal Society of British Artists, Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours, and Royal Institute of Oil Painters. Signed in the print.