Blue White Ceramic Vases
  1. AAM

    13" Ceramic Bird Vase - Blue/White

    $43.50 $55.00 $43.50
    More Details Crafted of ceramic, this shapely vase shows off a lovely nature design in blue and white.
  2. WBR

    American Speckled Ceramic Vase - The Emporium Ltd. - blue/white

    More Details American ceramic vase with double looped Arts and Crafts handles and a beguiling blue-and-white speckled glaze. Marked "USA 181."
  3. WBR

    Antique Villeroy & Boch Vases - Set of 2 - The Emporium Ltd. - blue/white

    More Details Pair of antique tall blue-and-white ceramic Villeroy and Boch vases with front and back central cartouches, smaller cartouches on the sides, and stylized decorations. Impressed with Villeroy and Boch marks.
  4. VML

    Italian Ceramic Fruit Vase - Vermilion Designs - off-white/green/purple/red/blue

    More Details Vintage Italian ceramic vase with a fruit motif and rope-style handles. Marked "Made in Italy for Cottura, Castelli, 430, L. Pardi" on the underside.
  5. JMY

    Asst. of 3 Sedona Vases - Blue/White - Jamie Young

    $174.50 $219.00 $174.50
    More Details Beautifully crafted of ceramic with dimpled detailing and a distressed, two-tone finish, this set captures all the appeal of rare vintage pieces.
  6. LOA

    12" Feeding Fish Vase - Blue/White

    $164.50 $210.00 $164.50
    More Details Crafted of ceramic and beautifully painted, this blue-and-white vase makes a stunning decorative accent even when it's not holding blooms.
  7. IID

    28" Loma Flower Vase - Blue/White

    $279.50 $350.00 $279.50
    More Details Chinoiserie has never really gone out of fashion. This ceramic vase in a classic blue-and-white palette shows why the style remains a firm favorite.
  8. LOA

    22" Herman Vase - Blue/White

    $319.50 $400.00 $319.50
    More Details Decorated in impressive detail, this classic blue-and-white vase makes a lovely addition to your decor even when its not holding blooms.
  9. WBR

    12” Italian Deruta Vase - The Emporium Ltd. - blue/white

    More Details Italian Deruta blue-and-white faience vase with bands of acanthus leaves and rope designs. Entirely hand-painted by one of the best Deruta ateliers. Signed "Gialetti Pimpinelli Deruta."
  10. RKX

    Blue & White Delft Vase - majolicadream

    More Details Dutch blue-and-white ceramic vase with classic motifs and floral details. Marked "Delft."
  11. VML

    Antique Reed & Bird Vases - Set of 2 - Vermilion Designs - green/yellow/blue/white

    More Details Pair of antique French majolica reed and bird vases. Each vase depicts a cylindrical form of woven reeds with a wild bird attached on the side. Floral accents on the base. No maker's mark.
  12. WBR

    French Faience Gien Vases - Set of 2 - The Emporium Ltd. - blue/yellow/sky/white/multi-color

    More Details Utterly delightful pair of French faience vases in Gien's 200-year-old Renaissance Fond Bleu pattern with a mythical creature amid fanciful scrollwork. Striking chain-link border design. Whimsical French blue handles. Marked "Gien France" with the castle mark used by the company from 1938 through 1960.
  13. WBR

    Arts & Crafts Vase - c. 1920 - The Emporium Ltd. - red/blue/white/yellow/black/tan

    More Details Colorful c. 1920 Kenilworth Studios Arts and Crafts hand-painted vase with beguiling enameled plumed bird cartouches. Marked "Kenilworth Studios Nippon."
  14. WBR

    Arts & Crafts Vase - c. 1920 - The Emporium Ltd. - green/blue/white/yellow/multi

    More Details Tall c. 1920 hand-painted Gouda-style Nippon Kenilworth vase. Marked "Kenilworth Studios Nippon" within the company's crossed lines mark.
  15. WBR

    TIffany & Co. English Tulip Vase - The Emporium Ltd. - white/red/blue/yellow/green

    More Details Classic Tiffany and Co. English vase festooned with colorful tulips. Marked "Tiffany and Co. Made in England."
  16. VML

    Art Deco Roseville Floral Vase - Vermilion Designs - blue/aqua/green/cream/yellow/white

    More Details Art Deco Roseville floral vase with deco styled handles. Stylized floral design on front and back. Art Deco stylized shape and form in an urn vase design. Marked "Roseville..." on the underside.
  17. WBR

    Midcentury California Pottery Vases - Set of 3 - The Emporium Ltd. - white/turquoise

    More Details Set of three Mid-Century Modern Gladding McBean California pottery vases with matte white exteriors and glossy turquoise interiors. Gladding McBean design manufactured only from 1935 through 1937. All vases marked "GMcB" within the company's oval mark. Two vases also marked "Made in U.S.A." Vase no. 1: 4"D x 6"H; vase no. 2: 4.5"D x 4.5"H; vase no. 3: 4.5"D x 3"H.
  18. WBR

    Antique Gien French Faience Vase - The Emporium Ltd. - black/ochre/blue/green/yellow/white

    More Details Hand-painted Gien French faience vase decorated with cherubs, mythical creatures, flora, fauna, and scrollwork, in a rich color palette. Marked "Gien France" with the company castle mark used beginning in 1866. Tight hairline cracks on base (pictured).
  19. VML

    Antique Faience Ram's Head Trumpet Vase - Vermilion Designs - off-white/multi

    More Details Antique Faience ram's head trumpet vase with three leg base. Handprinted and crafted ram's head at the bottom of trumpet and then flaring out to the top as the trumpet vase. Hand-painted florals and acanthus leaf design accents. Marked "1598, A, Rouen" on the underside.
  20. WBR

    French Faience Peonies Vase - The Emporium Ltd. - white/oxblood/ochre/sapphire/sky/olive khaki/brown

    More Details Tall graceful hand-painted French faience vase in Gien's centuries-old Pivoines pattern. Colorful peonies cover this extraordinary piece. Beautiful scalloped ceramic form. Marked "Gien France" with the company castle mark used from 1960 through 1971.
  21. KWY

    Tall Asian Painted Vase - de-cor - bluewhite/brown

    More Details A graceful oversize ceramic vase with hand-painted floral designs in blue and brown hues.