Ceramic Tureen
  1. VML

    Majolica Tureen - 3 Pcs - Vermilion Designs - green/multi

    More Details Antique French majolica farm animal and basket tureen with egg handle lid and ceramic underplate. The tureen features a basket-weave pattern and lid depicts a hen and her chicks, colored eggs, and a rabbit in an abstracted farm scene. Leaf wreath side handle images. No maker's mark. Minor chips.
  2. LRD

    French Majolica Duckling Pâté Tureen - Rose Victoria - yellow/orange/black

    More Details French duckling pate tureen, hand-painted and signed by Michel Caugant. Made in Portugal, painted in France for the French market. Maker's marks on bottom.
  3. VML

    Antique Bavarian Fish Lidded Tureen - Vermilion Designs - cream/multi

    More Details Antique Bavarian fish lidded tureen with handles and floral accents. Hand-painted with a variety of fish on the lid and body. Scalloped edges and fluted body shape. Gilt accents. Marked "Z. S. ACT, Bavaria" on the underside. Minor wear to gilt.
  4. LRD

    Pillivuyt French Porcelain Rabbit Tureen - Rose Victoria - brown

    More Details Pillivuyt porcelain rabbit baking tureen. Classic French stew baker. Very nicely detailed with glass eyes. Maker's mark on underside. Light wear.
  5. VML

    Majolica Vegetable & Fruit Rabbit Tureen - Vermilion Designs - multi

    More Details Vintage Italian Majolica vegetable and fruit rabbit tureen with attached base, separate lid and ladle. Designed in the dellarobia style. Marked "Made In Italy" on the underside. Ladle measures: 3"W x 8.5"L x 2.5"H.
  6. LRD

    French Rabbit Baking Dish Tureen - Rose Victoria - brown

    More Details French baking dish with figural rabbit on lid. Rabbit has glass eyes. Maker's mark on underside from the famous French Pillivuyt ceramic factory.
  7. WBR

    French Faience Soup Tureen - The Emporium Ltd. - blue/white/sky/caramel/ochre

    More Details Large double-handled hand-painted Gien French faience tureen with stylized floral decorations and glossy sky blue handles. Marked "Gien France" with the company castle marked used from 1971 through 1984.
  8. LRD

    French Majolica Turkey Pâté Tureen - Rose Victoria - multi

    More Details French tureen in the shape of a turkey. Hand-painted glazed ceramic. No maker's mark.
  9. FVO

    Italian Fish Tureen - G3Q Designs - white/yellow/green/pink

    More Details Handmade Italian ceramic fish tureen with hand-painted lemon finial and rose detail. Marked "Nove Made in Italy".
  10. VML

    Blue & White & Floral Lidded Tureen - Vermilion Designs

    More Details Antique blue and white floral lidded tureen. Marked "Vestal, Hand-Painted, Alcobach Portugal, 538, CA" on the underside.
  11. LRD

    French Duck Pâté Tureen - Rose Victoria - black/gray/multi

    $225.00 $265.00 $225.00
    More Details French duck pâté tureen with an unusual matte black finish. Hand-painted and signed by Michel Caugant. Made in Portugal for the French market. Maker's mark on underside. Light wear.
  12. RKX

    19th-C. English Majolica Duck Tureen - majolicadream - brown/green/pink/multi

    More Details 19th-century William Brownfield majolica duck-on-nest tureen. No maker's mark.
  13. VML

    Antique Floral Tureen - Vermilion Designs - cream/multi

    More Details Antique Aesthetic movement scenic transferware tureen with handled lid and side handles. Lid and sides have small scenic vignettes with floral branch blossom accenting. Marked "W.E. and Co., Atlantic, IV, 4, 5, Rd, K, B" on the underside. Minor crack on lid, crazing.
  14. FXO

    Chinoiserie Monkey Tureen - Von Meyer Ltd. - multi

    More Details Hand-painted chinoiserie tureen with monkey-shaped handles and finials. Underplate: 16"L x 11.5"W x 1.5"H. Minor age wear.
  15. HXS

    Spode England Buttercup Tureen - Jacki Mallick Designs - cream/multi

    More Details Vintage English Spode earthenware lidded soup tureen in the Buttercup pattern. Marked on the underside: "Spode, England 21/7873 Buttercup from a Spode design, C. 1895."
  16. LRD

    Antique English Creamware Sauce Tureen - Rose Victoria - antiqued white/red/blue

    More Details Antique hand-painted English creamware sauce tureen, circa 1820. No maker's mark. Glaze flaws on side of base.
  17. NPT

    Antique Italian Soup Tureen - N.P.Trent Antiques - multi

    More Details Round Italian soup tureen two soft handles, decorative lid, and floral motif. The multicolored flowers are painted on a white glazed ground. Early 19th century. No maker's mark.
  18. ROT

    Midcentury French Majolica Goose Tureens - New England Mercantile - cream/brown/yellow

    More Details A pair of French majolica hand-painted foie gras pâte tureens (covered tureens, could be used for serving most anything). Matched pair, male and female. Markings on bottom for Michel Caugant. Made in Portugal for the French market. Dimensions: large, 9"L x 4.25"W x 6.5"H; small, 8.5:L x 4.25"W x 7.25"H.