Floral Painted Boxes
  1. VML

    Oval Limoges Porcelain Floral Box - Vermilion Designs - salmon/white/brass/multi

    More Details Antique French oval Limoges porcelain floral box from the Joan Rivers Estate. Hand-painted floral designs accented with white raised porcelain paint leaves. Brass trim with brass acanthus leaf clasp. Hand-painted floral on the inside. Marked " JP" on the underside. Minor wear.
  2. VML

    Porcelain Round Floral Limoges Box - Vermilion Designs - blue/multi

    More Details Vintage porcelain round floral Limoges box with brass flower clasp. Brass edge detailing. Hand-painted floral designs with gilt leaf motif on the interior. Marked "NoD, Peint Main, Limoges France" on the underside.
  3. VML

    Porcelain Floral Heart Limoges Box - Vermilion Designs - white/multi

    More Details Vintage hand-painted porcelain floral Limoges box with unhinged lid. Marked: "LEC, Limoges France" on the underside.
  4. VML

    Porcelain Floral Trunk Limoges Box - Vermilion Designs - white/brass/multi

    More Details Porcelain Limoges trunk-shaped box with brass floral clasp. Brass edge detailing and hand-painted florals on the lid and body. Gilt painted leaf on the interior. Marked "Limoges France, Hand Painted, Gumps" on the underside.
  5. VML

    Porcelain Victoria Floral Sardine Box - Vermilion Designs - white/black/pink/green/gold

    More Details Antique Austrian Victoria porcelain floral box with hand-painted sardine handle. Hand-painted floral design with gilt accents. Marked "242, Victoria, Austria" on the underside. Minor paint loss and age wear.
  6. VML

    Japanese Papier-Mâché Floral Box - Vermilion Designs - red/multi

    More Details Vintage Japanese papier-mâché oval box with hand-painted floral designs. Marked with Japanese characters and "Made in Japan" on underside. Age wear and patina.
  7. AIU

    Floral Painted Lacquered Trinket Box - Acquisitions Gallerie - yellow/orange/red/green/black

    More Details Vintage lacquered wood box hand-painted with an intricate Moghul floral design. No maker's mark.
  8. VML

    Antique Porcelain Rose Limoges Box - Vermilion Designs - yellow/multi

    More Details Antique Limoges porcelain box with brass hinge and floral clasp. Hand-painted rose on the lid and gilt rose on front side below clasp. Gilt accents. Marked "Made In, Limoges, France" on the underside. Light wear.
  9. VML

    Limoges Porcelain Rosebud Rochard Box - Vermilion Designs - rose/pink/green/brass/white/black

    More Details French porcelain rosebud Rochard Limoges box with brass trim and clasp. Hand-painted depiction of a cut budding rose. Floral brass clasp. Marked "Limoges France, Peint Main, Rochard" on the interior.
  10. VML

    Porcelain Violin & Music Limoges Box - Vermilion Designs - white/brass/multi

    More Details Limoges porcelain box with brass violin clasp and edge detailing. Hand-painted violin and sheet music on the lid with floral accents. Sheet music on the front and inside with gilt acanthus leaf design on the back. Marked "AD, Peint Main, Limoges France, 21" on the underside. Minor tarnish.
  11. VML

    Ant. Handmade Papier Mâché Jewelry Box - Vermilion Designs - black/brown/multi

    More Details Antique handmade and painted papier mâché floral jewelry box with hand-painted florals decorating the surface with brass lock. Key missing. No maker's mark. Some surface wear and patina.
  12. AHS

    Japanese Porcelain Trinket Box - Owl's Roost Antiques - white/gold/multi

    More Details Hand-painted floral trinket box with a coat-of-arms in the center of the hinged lid. Marked on underside: Made in Japan.