Glazed Pitcher
  1. ROT

    French Glazed Terra Cotta Pitcher - New England Mercantile - green/brown

    More Details Antique French glazed terra cotta pitcher. Unglazed interior, matte finish green glaze on outside. Made in the late 1800s, these pots inevitably have chips, cracks, glaze flakes and flaws. They should be handled with care.
  2. ROT

    French Glazed Terra Cotta Pitcher - New England Mercantile - green/tan

    More Details Antique French green glazed terra cotta pitcher. Interior is fully glazed with a shiny yellow finish. Made in the late 1800s, these pots inevitably have chips, cracks, glaze flakes and flaws. They should be handled with care.
  3. HTC

    Blue Sponge Glaze 9” Pitcher - Design Line

    More Details Robinson Ransbottom Pottery nine inch rustic farmhouse pitcher in deep blue sponge glaze over butter cream yellow clay. Marked R.R.P.Co.; Roseville, O; USA.” Decorative use only. Light wear and light crazing.
  4. SWV

    Santorini Fish Pitcher - White/Blue - VIETRI

    More Details Inspired by the mosaic tiles found in the Greek Isles, this pitcher is crafted of ceramic and glazed in blue and white.
  5. WBR

    Italian Faience Pitcher - The Emporium Ltd. - blue/multi

    More Details Italian faience pitcher hand-painted with oranges and flowers. Marked "Cottura Made in Italy." Small glaze nicks.
  6. VML

    Antique Majolica Leaf Pitcher - Vermilion Designs - orange/green

    More Details Antique English majolica ceramic double-glazed leaf pitcher. No maker's mark. Light surface wear.
  7. XVL

    French Faience Mallard Duck Pitcher - Eat Drink Home - green/blue/yellow/multi

    More Details French faience ceramic mallard duck pitcher. Marked, "Peint Main Faience" and "Made in France" on the underside. Light glaze crazing.
  8. LRD

    English Willow Pearlware Pitcher - C.1820 - Rose Victoria - blue/antique white

    More Details Antique English pearlware pitcher in the Willow pattern. In remarkable condition. Made circa 1820. No maker's mark. Earthenware body with pearlware glaze. Minimal wear.
  9. WBR

    Gladding McBean California Pitcher - The Emporium Ltd. - red

    More Details Rare 1930s/1940s Gladding McBean California pottery pitcher in the company's coveted Cocinero pattern. Its glossy redwood glaze marks this piece as uniquely Gladding McBean. Marked "GMcB" within the company oval mark used beginning in 1934 and marked "Made in U.S.A."
  10. WBR

    Midcentury California Pottery Pitcher - The Emporium Ltd. - chartreuse

    More Details Classic Mid-Century Modern California pottery pitcher with a fabulous glossy chartreuse glaze. Marked "Franciscan Made in California."
  11. VML

    English Esso Faience Leaf Pitcher - Vermilion Designs - light olive green/dark olive green/white/cream

    More Details Antique English Esso Faience ceramic leaf pitcher with handle and spout. Handcrafted abstract and stylized leaf design on the body. Rigid geometric contrasting green handle. Marked "James Macintyre and Co. ltd., Esso Faience, Burslem England" on the underside. Crack on marking on the underside is part of glazing. Tiny crazing, patina, wear, and minor glaze chip on handle.
  12. LRD

    Antique Majolica Berry Pitchers - Set of 3 - Rose Victoria - green/brown/multi

    $299.00 $495.00 $299.00
    More Details Set of three antique English majolica jugs with berry pattern. Lilac/pini interiors. Dimensions: largest pitcher, 7.25"L x 5"W x 6.5"H; medium pitcher, 7"L x 4.5"W x 5.75"H; smallest pitcher, 5.5"L x 4"W x 5"H. No maker's mark. Minor glaze flaws, crazing.
  13. LRD

    Antique Monmouth Sleepy Eye Pitcher - Rose Victoria - blue/white

    More Details Large Monmouth Sleep Eye pitcher. Thick cobalt blue glaze with Native American scenes. No maker's mark. Small chip restorations along bottom edge.
  14. WBR

    MCM California Pottery Pitcher - The Emporium Ltd. - winter white

    More Details Classic petite Mid-Century Modern California pottery pitcher with a winter white glaze. Marked "Kaolena."
  15. WBR

    1930s California Pottery Pitchers Set of 3 - The Emporium Ltd. - glossy turquoise

    More Details Set of three 1930s Gladding McBean California pottery teapots with a glossy turquoise glaze. Dimensions: 7"L x 6"W x 7.5"H; 7.5L" x 5W" x 6"H; 7.25"L x 5W" x5.75"H. All pitchers marked "GMcB" with a company mark used beginning in 1934; two pitchers also marked "Made in U.S.A."
  16. HTC

    Blue Studio Pottery Pitchers - Set of 2 - Design Line

    More Details Pair of artisan made pottery pitchers vases catchalls with a deep blue floral pattern over stoneware gray glaze. Large, 5.75” L x 4“ W x 7.5” H; small, 4.5” L x 3.25“ W x 3” H. No maker's marks. Light wear.