Green Home Planters

    Chinese Planter with Weathered Patina - FEA Home - brown; green glaze

    More Details A Chinese planter from the early 20th century with weathered patina, green and brown glaze, meanders, animals and scrolled clouds. This large planter charms with its nicely aged appearance and faint decorative motifs. Presenting a brown color contrasting with the green accentuation of the lip and inner section, the planter is adorned with a Greek key frieze, clouds, and animals. Perfect to be placed in a garden or on a patio, this Chinese planter will ...

    Chinese Green Glazed Lidded Jars - Set of 2 - FEA Home

    More Details A pair of Chinese Hunan green glazed ceramic jars from the early 20th century, with lids and calligraphy. Born in the province of Hunan in southern China, each of this pair of green glazed lidded jars features a circular body, accented with calligraphy. Presenting a deep color and a worn appearance (one of them showcases traces of a sticker), they charm us with the simplicity of their lines and attractive finish, making them a great ...

    Hunan Green Glazed Wall Vase - FEA Home

    More Details Antique Chinese Hunan province green glazed ceramic wall vase. Each is one-of-a-kind and will be similar to the picture shown. Age wear.

    Antique Ming Terracotta Ceremonial Pot - FEA Home - green

    More Details 17th-century Chinese ceremonial terracotta pot made during the Ming Dynasty. This small cylindrical pot stands on three legs, its belly displays lightly carved patterns and the entire piece is covered with green glaze. The Immortal mountain shape of the lid suggests this pot was probably used during Taoist ceremonies. Minor age wear.

    39" Split Philodendron with Planter - Faux - plant, green; planter, black

    More Details Presented in a simple black vessel, this faux split-leaf philodendron plant adds lasting greenery to your space without any of the upkeep.

    French Urns on Bases - Set of 2 - Schorr & Dobinsky - green

    More Details Pair of cast iron garden urns with petaled bowls on bases dating from the middle of the 19th century. Restored and painted dark green with automotive enamel. Found near Lille.

    French Cast Iron Tabletop Urns - Schorr & Dobinsky - green

    More Details A pair of early 20th century French cast iron urns with handles in an old green painted surface. The urns are in excellent as found condition and were found near Avignon.

    24" Phalaenopsis in Planter - Faux - The French Bee - arrangement, green; vessel, white/tan

    More Details This realistic green phalaenopsis plant brings a splash of color and tropical flair to the scene.

    19th C. Majolica Palissy Fish Jardiniere - majolicadream - green

    More Details Small Majolica Palissy fish jardiniere, unsigned, circa 1890.

    Travelers Palm with Basket Planter - Faux - arrangement, green; vessel, brown

    More Details Presented in a woven basket planter, this faux traveler's palm brings lush greenery to the room without the worry of upkeep.

    36" Ficus with Floor Planter - Faux - plant, green; vessel, brown

    More Details Presented in a woven wicker floor planter, this faux ficus tree brings lush greenery to the room without the worry of upkeep.

    12" Maiden's Hair in Planter - Faux - The French Bee - green

    More Details Add this faux fern to your space and get the look of a live, growing plant without any of the maintenance.