Green Painted Box
  1. ROT

    Antique Hand-Painted Wedding Box - New England Mercantile - black/multi

    More Details Antique Americana hand-painted wedding box. With about 200 years of use, the box has old repairs and is somewhat fragile. It is a beautiful display piece and is still useful for storage of lightweight items. Purchased in northern Maine.
  2. VML

    Antique Porcelain Rose Limoges Box - Vermilion Designs - yellow/multi

    More Details Antique Limoges porcelain box with brass hinge and floral clasp. Hand-painted rose on the lid and gilt rose on front side below clasp. Gilt accents. Marked "Made In, Limoges, France" on the underside. Light wear.
  3. HTC

    Hand Painted Italian Ceramic Duck Box - Design Line - aqa/teal/blue/green/brown/tan/ivory

    More Details Large Italian ceramic duck box with colorful hand painted details of textured basket and feathers in shades of aqua, teal, blue, green, tan, ivory and brown. Marked "Italy."
  4. VML

    Limoges Porcelain Rosebud Rochard Box - Vermilion Designs - rose/pink/green/brass/white/black

    More Details French porcelain rosebud Rochard Limoges box with brass trim and clasp. Hand-painted depiction of a cut budding rose. Floral brass clasp. Marked "Limoges France, Peint Main, Rochard" on the interior.
  5. FVO

    1960s Bitossi Italian Pottery Box - G3Q Designs - blue/green

    More Details Mid-century Bitossi Italian pottery box. Hand-crafted incised detail to lid and hand-painted finish. Signed "408/A Italy".
  6. FVO

    19th C. Chinese Enameled Box - G3Q Designs - blue/gold/pink/green/white

    More Details 19th-century Chinese brass box with stunning hand-painted enamel motif. Features low pedestal base and turquoise enamel interior. No maker's mark. Age wear to enamel.
  7. AIU

    Floral Painted Lacquered Trinket Box - Acquisitions Gallerie - yellow/orange/red/green/black

    More Details Vintage lacquered wood box hand-painted with an intricate Moghul floral design. No maker's mark.
  8. ROT

    Antique Handmade New England Tool Box - New England Mercantile - green

    More Details Antique handmade toolbox with two drawers from coastal Maine. No maker's mark. Age wear to wood and painted finish.
  9. VML

    Antique Staffordshire Floral Trinket Box - Vermilion Designs - off-white/yellow/green/blue

    More Details Antique hand-painted Staffordshire lidded floral trinket box. Simple floral arrangement design on the lid with fluted body and blue accent striping. No maker's mark. Some wear to paint.