Handmade Figurine
  1. FEA Home

    Antique Chinese Warrior on Horse - FEA Home

    More Details Handmade Chinese terracotta warrior on horse figurine dating from the Tang dynasty. No maker's mark.
  2. Laurie Frank

    Royal Doulton Boxer - Laurie Frank

    More Details Royal Doulton figurine of the Boxer Champion Warlord of Mazelaine with a custom handmade leather collar. Designed by Peggy Davies, issued 1952-1985. Marked on right rear foot: Royal Doulton, Made in England.
  3. Rose Victoria

    Large Antique Duck Decoys - Set of 2 - Rose Victoria

    More Details From our Vintage Farmhouse collection. Pair of oversized antique duck decoys. Hand-made with movable heads. Not only an unusual size, but it is difficult to find them in pairs. No maker's marks.
  4. Mike Seratt of The Prized Pig

    1960s Italian Cheetah Leopard Statue

    More Details 1960s Italian leopard or cheetah statue figurine. Maked "Hand Painted Made in Italy."
  5. Acquisitions Gallerie

    Italian Ceramic Growling Leopard - Acquisitions Gallerie

    More Details Large Italian terracotta figurine of a growling leopard, beautifully hand-molded, painted and glazed. Two incised stamps on base: "Made in Italy." Professional repair on tail and left paw (see photos).
  6. Ethnika Home Decor And Antiques

    Tang Dynasty-Style Horse & Rider

    More Details Vintage terracotta horse figure with a rider in Tang Dynasty style. Handmade and hand-painted in teal, green, and mustard.
  7. Ivy and Vine

    Chinoiserie Bronze Griffin - Ivy and Vine

    More Details Handmade heavy bronze griffin sculpture with intricate hand-carved detailing throughout. No maker's mark. Some age wear.
  8. Ballyhoo

    Italian Spaghetti Ceramic Poodle - Ballyhoo

    More Details Curious midcentury Italian handmade ceramic French Poodle with a bowl for trinkets or holding other small objects featuring the "spaghetti" texture popular at the time.
  9. FEA Home

    Antique Chinese Temple Carving - FEA Home

    More Details 19th-century Chinese handmade temple carving featuring four intricately detailed characters, likely scholars during a tea ceremony. Age wear.
  10. Ethnika Home Decor And Antiques

    Tang-Style Terracotta Dromedary

    More Details Handmade Tang Dynasty-style terracotta camel glazed in tan, yellow, and green. Titled "Ship of the Desert." Unsigned.
  11. Laurie Frank

    Majolica Cockatoo Lamp Base - Laurie Frank

    More Details Massive, finely detailed handmade porcelain statue with applied flowers, leaves and berries (23"H) mounted upon an enameled brass lamp base (2"H) works as a centerpiece/accent sculpture or can be easily retrofitted as a table lamp.
  12. Laurie Frank

    Italian Ducks Centerpiece - Laurie Frank

    More Details Large handmade majolica centerpiece of two intertwined ducks.
  13. Rose Victoria

    1910s Hand Carved Country Duck Decoy - Rose Victoria

    More Details A large size early American hand carved duck decoy with original hand painted features. The body is made of Cork and the head and bottom piece are made out of wood. Found in the Down East coastal Maine Region. Circa early 1900s
  14. FEA Home

    Balinese Shadow Puppets - Set of 3 - FEA Home

    More Details Set of three Balinese hand-painted shadow puppets made from cowhide. Each set will be unique, colors, shapes, and sizes may vary slightly from the photos shown. Age wear.
  15. Laurie Frank

    Mangani for Oggetti Parrot Sculpture - Laurie Frank

    More Details Limited edition parrot sculpture made by Mangani Brothers for Oggetti with hand-painted details. This parrot has a gilt, painted, and enameled porcelain body, and feet dipped in 24K gold perched atop a gold-plated steel base. Mangani signature on underside of wing.
  16. FEA Home

    Balinese Shadow Puppets - Set of 2 - FEA Home

    More Details Set of two Balinese hand-painted shadow puppets made from cowhide. Each set will be unique, colors, shapes, and sizes may vary slightly from the photos shown. Age wear.
  17. Laurie Frank

    Italian Majolica White Dove Topiary - Laurie Frank

    More Details Tall white topiary sculpture centerpiece featuring doves perched on the branches of a dogwood tree in full bloom. Hand-signed "Made in Italy."
  18. FEA Home

    Antique Indonesian Carved Noodle Maker - FEA Home

    More Details Antique Indonesian hand-carved wood noodle maker; originally used to grind grains to make noodles. Age wear.