Living Room Coffee Table
  1. FHD

    Middlebury Coffee Table - Natural

    More Details A standout centerpiece for the living room, this coffee table is beautifully crafted of acacia and peroba wood with a rounded base and warm finish that highlights the natural beauty of the wood's grain.
  2. BJT

    Chinese Ming Dynasty Style Coffee Table - FEA Home - brown/honey

    More Details A Chinese Ming style natural wood coffee table with humpbacked apron and horse hoof legs. This coffee table features a natural wood finish complimenting the clean lines of the silhouette. A rectangular top with central board is sitting on a waisted apron with humpback stretcher. The table is raised on legs with horse hoof extremities. The purity of its lines and warmth of its natural wood will make this Ming style coffee table an excellent ...
  3. BJT

    Thai Teak Black Lacquered Coffee Table - FEA Home

    More Details A vintage Thai teak wood coffee table from the mid-20th century, with black lacquer finish and bulging Chow legs. This teak coffee table features a square planked waisted top sitting above an ornamental curving humpbacked apron. The table is raised on four large bulging chow legs with horse-hoof style extremities. Boasting an exquisite black lacquered patina, this Thai vintage coffee table circa 1950 will bring an elegant touch to any home decor, particularly in a ...
  4. BJT

    Antique Chinese Wooden Coffee Table - FEA Home - burgundy

    More Details A Chinese coffee table with dark burgundy patina, woven rattan top and sturdy horse hoofed legs. This coffee table, originally created to be used as a bed, features a top with woven rattan inset. Showcasing a deep burgundy hued patina, the table is raised on sturdy legs with horse hoofed extremities. With its clean lines and unpretentious appearance, this Chinese wooden coffee table will bring a touch of authenticity to any home, whether placed in ...
  5. BJT

    Chinese Lacquered Waterfall Coffee Table - FEA Home - brown; mustard glaze finish

    More Details A Chinese waterfall coffee table from the early 20th century, with lacquered patina and scroll endings. Found in Southern China, this waterfall table features a rectangular top raised on solid board legs with scrolled accents. The grand simplicity of the lines, combined with the nicely weathered appearance of the boards and the mustard glaze finish, will make this Chinese waterfall coffee table an excellent choice to decorate any living room by bring an undeniable touch ...
  6. BJT

    Rustic Javanese Teak Coffee Table - FEA Home - dark brown

    More Details A rustic Javanese antique teak wood coffee table from the early 20th century, made from a tree. This rustic teak coffee table features a nicely textured rectangular planked top with raised protruding joints, sitting above four baluster shaped legs. Made from a tree, the table charms us with its rustic appearance and understated presence, making it an excellent choice to decorate any patio, covered porch or living room, where it will bring a touch of ...
  7. BJT

    Indian Window Grate Copper Coffee Table - FEA Home

    More Details An Indian open iron design coffee table made of an antique window grate inset into a wooden structure accented with copper sheathing. This Indian window grate is resting on four turned baluster-type legs and set into a wooden structure covered with copper sheathing. Perfectly rustic and boasting a charming weathered appearance, this Indian coffee table will bring a touch of authenticity to any home, particularly in a living room or under a covered patio.
  8. PAN

    Hal Modern Coffee Table - White Lacquer

    $309.50 $389.00 $309.50
    More Details Give your living room a dose of midcentury style, starting with this retro-modern coffee table. This table is designed with a high-gloss white lacquer top and white powder-coated legs.
  9. TFA

    Square Coffee Table - Gold/Gray

    More Details A chic addition to any living room, this coffee table is designed with an open satin brass frame that supports a substantial piece of natural travertine. Made in the USA.
  10. SVF

    Bennett Coffee Table - Greige

    $194.50 $245.00 $194.50
    More Details With its steel gray finish, traditional spindle legs, and spacious bottom shelf, this pine coffee table makes a wonderful addition to a living room or study.
  11. VNG

    Octavia Shaded Coffee Table - Walnut - espresso

    More Details A standout centerpiece for the living room, this eucalyptus coffee table is perched on a recessed base with an impressively formed design. Artisans in North Carolina hand-finish each piece, drawing attention to the inherent beauty of the wood's expressive grain.
  12. PAN

    Edward Coffee Table - Brass

    $554.50 $699.00 $554.50
    More Details Topped with clear glass--perfect for showing off your favorite accents underneath--this coffee table's sculptural steel frame manages to lend a sense of structure while still feeling light and open. An ideal centerpiece for the modern, elegant living room.