Mustard Antique Kitchen Equipment
  1. LRD

    Antique English Brass Masonic Trivet - Rose Victoria - gold

    $135.00 $225.00 $135.00
    More Details Antique English brass masonic trivet. No maker's mark. Light wear.
  2. ROT

    Antique French Terra Cotta Water Jug - New England Mercantile - yellow/brown

    More Details Antique French half-glazed terra cotta water jug. These were used by orchard workers as water jugs, drinking from the small spout. The thick terra cotta kept the water cool. Made in the late 1800s.
  3. LRD

    Antique Copper Pan with Brass Handles - Rose Victoria - copper/brass

    More Details Antique copper pan with brass handles. No maker's mark. Light wear, oxidation as shown.
  4. VML

    Antique French Mustard Pot - Vermilion Designs - brown

    More Details Antique French ceramic mustard and paprika pot with lid. Pot has a faux-bois texture and finish. Nut image in relief on the lid with a slot for the measuring spoon. Marked in relief on the side " Moutarde Arikx." No maker's mark.
  5. LRD

    Antique English Copper Pan with Lid - Rose Victoria - copper/pewter

    More Details Antique English copper sauté pan with its original lid. Pan can be professionally retinned for cooking purposes. Light wear, oxidation, corrosion on lid's handle.
  6. ROT

    Large French Store Display Mustard Pot - New England Mercantile - green/white

    More Details Very large antique French "Moutarde" (mustard) pot. Would have been used in a market to make and store quantity of mustard. It would hold at least two quarts. In very good condition, would be perfectly suited as a kitchen utensil holder. Maker's mark on underside.
  7. LRD

    Antique Heavy Hotelware Copper Saucepan - Rose Victoria - copper/black

    More Details Antique heavy English copper petite sauce/butter pan with original lid. Made circa 1840s, old riveted repair. Brass seams, typical of 19th century copper cookware. Monogrammed "D.C." on lid. Wear as shown.
  8. LRD

    Heavy Antique English Copper Pans - Set of 3 - Rose Victoria - copper/pewter

    More Details Set of three antique English copper pans. Heavy, professional quality. Pans can be professionally retinned for cooking purposes. Dimensions: large, 20"L x 9.5"W x 7.75"H; medium, 13.75"L x 7.5"W x 6.5"H; small, 12.5"L x 7"W x 5"H. No maker's mark. Interior wear, oxidation, see photos.
  9. NWB

    Antique Haviland Limoges Plates - Set of 2 - Chez Vous - white/pink/green/gold

    More Details Pair of antique French Haviland gilt dinner plates Perfect for mismatched place settings as their gold, pink, rose, and green coloring blends well with traditional china patterns. Underglaze mark of GDA France en verso indicates a late 19th century fabrication. Condition is good with edge chips. Display well.
  10. LRD

    Antique English Copper Chocolate Pot - Rose Victoria - copper/gold/brown

    More Details Antique English copper and brass chocolate pot. Maker's mark on underside.
  11. LRD

    Antique Brass Tea Kettle - Glass Handle - Rose Victoria - gold/amber

    More Details Antique English brass tea kettle. Unusual with a glass handle. No maker's mark.
  12. VML

    Brass Antique Gold & Jewelry Scale - Vermilion Designs

    More Details Brass antique gold and jewelry scale with counterweights. Marked "S. Mordan and Co., London" on the backside of the brass arms.
  13. LRD

    Antique French Copper Stew Pot - Rose Victoria

    More Details Large antique French copper stew pot. Original tight-fitting lid included. No maker's mark. Light wear, minor oxidation.
  14. AAU

    Antique Chinese Bowls - Set of 2 - Retro Gallery - gold

    More Details Pair of early-20th-century Chinese handmade brass bowls, each with a different engraved design. Hand-etched mark on undersides.
  15. HTC

    Antique Japanese Imari Bowls - Set of 4 - Design Line - blue/gold/iron red/white/green

    More Details Set of four Imari porcelain bowls hand-painted inside and out with vignettes in iron red, blue, gold and green. Underside marked with the Arita-Hizen hallmark utilized 1868-1912. Light wear, one with a small outer rim chip.
  16. VML

    Large Antique Quimper Rooster Platter - Vermilion Designs - yellow/red/orange/green/multi

    More Details Antique Henriot Quimper rooster serving platter with removable serving dishes. Each dish has a hand-painted rooster image surrounded by a geometric pattern frieze. Center of platter is a raised plinth for a serving bowl. Platter has hand-painted geometric pattern perimeter frieze when dishes removed. Individual dishes and platter are marked "Henriot Quimper, France, 704" on the underside. Large dishes, 10.75"L x 5.75"D x 1"H; small dishes, 7"L x 5.5"W x 1"H.
  17. LRD

    Antique Limoges Crested Cup & Saucer - Rose Victoria - gold/white

    More Details French Limoges gilded crest cup and saucer. Crested "MB" monogram on front in raised pattern 22K gold. Delicate eggshell thin porcelain. Cup, 4.25"L x 3.5"W x 2"H; saucer, 5.5"Dia x .75"H. Maker's mark on underside. Minimal wear.
  18. NWB

    Antique English Celluloid Knives - Set of 7 - Chez Vous - yellow/gold/silver

    More Details Collection of seven celluloid handled knives with British Sheffield steel blades. Colors range from creamy golden yellow to warm butterscotch. Materials and marks suggest fabrication in the 1910s. Marks include British makers such as Waring and Gillow, Ltd; Viner's Ltd., Lewis Rose and Co., Derry and Tom's, and W. and J.A. Baxter.
  19. QXJ

    Antique Oyster Plate - Portfolio No.6 - pink/turquoise/yellow/purple/white

    More Details A wall oyster plate embellished with hand-painted colors and embossed shell outlines, dating to circa 1900. Impressed mark '1677' to underside. Hanging hardware included.
  20. VML

    Antique French Rooster Absinthe Pitcher - Vermilion Designs - green/orange/yellow/red/blue/black

    More Details Antique French ceramic majolica rooster absinthe pitcher. Marked "St. Clement, France" on the underside.
  21. LRD

    Antique English Copper Pot with Lid - Rose Victoria - copper/black

    More Details Antique English copper pot with original lid. Impressed number mark (would designate size in a set). No maker's mark. Can be professionally re-tinned for culinary use.
  22. LRD

    Antique English Copper Sauce Pan - Rose Victoria - copper/black

    More Details Antique English copper sauce pan with "G.D." monogram on the side. No maker's mark.
  23. LRD

    Antique English Wine & Fruit Plates - Set of 6 - Rose Victoria - green/gold/multi

    More Details Set of six 19th-century English plates with a still life scene. Maker's mark on underside. Light wear, crazing, minor gold edge wear.
  24. WDE

    Antique Chinese Export Tea Caddy - Faded Rose Antiques LLC - black/gold/multi

    More Details Antique Chinese export octagonal black lacquered wood tea caddy hand-painted in gold with figures and geometric designs. Circa 1820. Hinged lid. Made in China for the European market. Retains the original etched pewter canister and lid. Light wear.
  25. ROT

    Antique French Commercial Coffee Grinder - New England Mercantile - silver/gold/brown

    More Details Antique heavy French commercial grade coffee grinder. Originally used in a commercial coffee house and appears to be in working order. Made by the Peugeot Brothers, makers of the finest grinders. Maker's mark in raised lettering.
  26. VML

    Antique Majolica Floral & Leaf Pitcher - Vermilion Designs - yellow/blue/green/brown/pink

    More Details Antique English majolica floral and leaf pitcher with handle and spout. Depicts a floral branch on one side and a leaf branch on the other. Marked with an indistinguishable raised marking on the underside.
  27. QXJ

    Antique Mintons Plates - Set of 12 - Portfolio No.6 - white/turquoise/multi/gold

    More Details Twelve entirely hand painted plates, having cartouches of artfully rendered enamel floral posies, further embellished with raised turquoise oval cabachons, cobalt stripes and hand painted high-karat gilding. Bearing the mark of Minton, hand written pattern number H3922 and the mark of Parmelee-Dohrmann, a luxury dinnerware retail store in Los Angeles that flourished around turn of the last century.
  28. QXJ

    Antique Export Dinner Plates - Set of 10 - Portfolio No.6 - multi/blue/white/gold

    More Details Ten bespoke antique Japanese export dinner plates dating to 1908-'21, executed with high level of skill, entirely hand decorated with hand-painted underglaze blue in fine detail and further embellished with overglaze hand-enameled depictions of colorful floral sprays, enhanced with gilded highlights. Marked "Hand Painted" and a green crown above "Nippon", logo attributed to Meito manufacturer.
  29. QXJ

    Antique Bohemian Crystal Goblets - Set of 6 - Portfolio No.6 - pink/gold

    More Details Set of six hand blown crystal goblets, having pink on colorless cased cups, embellished with threaded detail on gradation of pink, hand gilded with high-karat gold scroll designs and enamelled flowers; further enriched with hand-faceted tall stems, gilded scroll motifs to base and stems. Each golblet is slightly different from another due to their hand made nature. Unmarked, 5 fluid ounces capacity. Dimensions: cup, 2.75"Dia, base, 3.1"Dia, 8.1"H.
  30. WDE

    Antique French Faience Cabinet Plate - Faded Rose Antiques LLC - white/yellow/blue

    More Details Antique French faience plate that commemorates the French Revolution. Vive, abbreviated 'W' la nation is translated to "Long live the nation." Hand-painted with a cherub and the implements of war with a geometric and floral surround. No maker's mark. Light crazing.
  31. LRD

    Antique English Brass Chocolate Pot - Rose Victoria - gold/black

    More Details Antique English brass chocolate pot with wood handle. Maker's mark on underside.
  32. BAH

    Antique French Country Pottery Water Jug - Ballyhoo - yellow/beige/green

    More Details Antique French country hand-glazed pottery pitcher for which the French village potteries were world famous. Handmade according to centuries-old pottery techniques and traditions. Surface wear, nicks, scrapes.
  33. KBL

    Antique Copper and Brass Water Pitcher - Blink Home Vintique - copper/brass

    More Details Antique Swedish hammered copper and brass water pitcher featuring dovetail joinery.
  34. LRD

    Antique French Yellow Linen Napkins - Set of 6 - Rose Victoria

    More Details Set of six antique French linen napkins. Pattern-on-pattern damask without a monogram. Napkins are antique but have been recently hand-dyed in small batches in Provence, France. They are washed in lavender water and heavily starched. Minor color irregularities are normal and light spots are from ironing with heavy starch (will wash out). Light wear.
  35. VML

    Antique Apollo & Daphne Majolica Plate - Vermilion Designs - yellow/green

    More Details Antique majolica plate depicting Apollo attempting capture of Daphne in subtle relief at center of the plate with basket-weave pattern surrounding. Marked with an indecipherable logo or maker's mark. For decorative use only.
  36. LRD

    Antique French Copper Serving Dish - Rose Victoria

    More Details Antique French copper serving dish. No maker's mark. Light wear, dimples, oxidation spots.
  37. LRD

    Antique Professional Grade Copper Pan - Rose Victoria - copper/black

    More Details Very large copper pan with original lid. Heavy, professional grade. No maker's mark. Light wear, tarnish, minor dimples.
  38. QXJ

    Antique English Plates - Set of 12 - Portfolio No.6 - pink/turquoise/gold/white

    More Details Set of 12 antique plates embellished with garlands of flowers and ribbons, hand-painted with enamel colors over transfer outlines, and further decorated with gilding along the rims. Handwritten "8917" on undersides.
  39. FVO

    Antique Copper Elephant Bowl - G3Q Designs - copper/silver

    More Details Antique hand-crafted copper bowl with engraved elephant center motif and scalloped rim detail. Stamped mark reads "China".
  40. KBL

    Antique Swedish Copper Kettle - Blink Home Vintique - copper/silver

    More Details Antique Swedish copper kettle with iron handle and legs, featuring rivets and dovetail joinery.
  41. IEJ

    Elegant Crystal Wineglasses - Set of 2 - Wisteria Antiques Etc… - amber/gold

    $180.00 $229.00 $180.00
    More Details Pair of Elegant crystal wineglasses in a light amber hue. Each glass features a thin gold band on the top rim and gold ball at the stem.
  42. VML

    Antique Minton Cherub Plates - Set of 6 - Vermilion Designs - aqua/magenta/gold/off-white

    More Details Set of six antique Minton porcelain cherub plates. Plates depict cherubs doing various hunting activities. Gilt weave patterned frieze with aqua outer edge. Marked "Minton, A7505" on the undersides. For decorative use only.
  43. VML

    Antique Etruscan Majolica Leaf Plate - Vermilion Designs - dark green/light green/yellow/pink

    More Details Antique Etruscan majolica leaf plate with textured veining of a begonia leaf. Light age wear.
  44. VML

    Antique Cast Iron Cherub & Floral Goblet - Vermilion Designs - charcoal black/gold

    More Details Antique cast iron cherub and floral goblet with brass insert liner. Depicts a cherub on the front and back in a different pose with floral swag accents in three-dimensional relief. No maker's mark. Minor wear, patina.
  45. KWY

    Antique Brass Pot - de-cor - oxidized gold

    More Details Large brass pot originally used for storing water from Southern India. Decorated with hammered impressions and metal ring handles. Opening, 8.5"Dia. Age wear.
  46. LRD

    Antique Brass Anchor Corkscrew - Rose Victoria - gold/silver

    More Details Large antique English brass anchor corkscrew. Beautiful quality piece. No maker's mark.
  47. BJT

    Antique Japanese Painted Plates - Set of 4 - FEA Home - green/multi

    More Details Set of four antique hand-painted Japanese Imari porcelain plates. Imari is a style of porcelain named after the Japanese port from which it was shipped from, beginning in the late 17th century. The Imari palette revolved around three main colors--the blue underglaze, a rusty reddish-orange, and a brilliant gold. Imari-ware, took its design cues from colorful Japanese textiles of the day such as exotic landscapes and birds. Please note: For decorative use only, stand not ...
  48. QXJ

    Antique French Oyster Plates - Set of 2 - Portfolio No.6 - white/pink/grey

    More Details A pair of antique French oyster plates embellished with pink floral motifs further enriched with embossed detail. Charles Field Havilland Limoges mark and Gerard Dufraisseix et Morel (CFH/GDM) marks to base.
  49. LRD

    Antique English Shop Scale with Lion - Rose Victoria - gold/multi

    More Details Antique English cast iron shop scale with milk glass plate and brass weight tray. Maker's mark on front. Extremely heavy piece, made of solid cast iron and brass. Age wear and oxidation, chips on edges of milk glass.
  50. WBR

    Antique Gien French Faience Bowl - The Emporium Ltd. - blue/white/yellow

    More Details 19th century Gien French faience hand-painted double-handled bowl with beautiful interior and exterior bird and flower images, blue and white scrolling floral borders, incredible polka-dot handles with shell decorations, and a softly scalloped ten-sided form. Pieces this old and this special are nearly impossible to find, especially in such marvelous condition. Marked "Gien" with the company castle mark used beginning in 1875, this piece was made for a French family.
  51. LRD

    Antique English Victorian Chocolate Pot - Rose Victoria - copper/black

    More Details Antique English Victorian chocolate pot. No maker's mark. Light wear, minimal dimpling. Made circa 1820. Intended for decorative purposes.