Navy Blue Shawl

    Hermès Sangles Scarf - The Emporium Ltd. - navy blue/white/green/yellow/red/blue/brown/multi

    More Details Hermès Sangles scarf featuring colorful equestrian belts in a classic navy blue and white colorway accented with lipstick red, kelly green, cerulean blue, and other saturated hues. Designed by Joachim Metz in 1985. Care tag attached. Faint stains.

    Hermès L'Air Marin Scarf - The Emporium Ltd. - navy blue/multi

    More Details Hermès L'Air Marin scarf with big ships, lighthouses, nautical rosettes and sextants, and fanciful seashells. Here, in a navy blue and white and gold colorway. Designed by Joachim Metz in 2001. Care tag attached. Minor stains.

    Hermès Sous l'Egide de Mars Scarf with Box - The Emporium Ltd. - navy blue/white/gold/orange/periwinkle/cognac/multi

    More Details Hermès Sous l'Egide de Mars scarf illustrates armor and plumes in a most exquisite fashion. Navy blue and gold and white colorway with periwinkle contrast color herms. Designed by Pierre Marie in 2013. Care tag and attached. Presented in an orange gift box. Brand new.

    Hermès Cavaliers Peuls Scarf with Case - The Emporium Ltd. - navy blue/red/green/brown/yellow/sky

    More Details Hermès Cavaliers Peuls scarf celebrates African tribal life in nine illustrated cartouches. Designed by Jean de Fougerolle in 1997. Classic navy blue border with vivid color detail. Care tag attached. Presented in an orange Hermès paper case. Apparently unworn.

    Bottega Veneta Art Nouveau Scarf - The Emporium Ltd. - mauve/taupe/navy blue/multi

    $199.00 $249.00 $199.00
    More Details 1980s Bottega Veneta pure Italian silk scarf, part of a series evoking Art Nouveau paintings. Ethereal image of a woman depicted in a mauve, taupe, and brick color palette against a soft navy blue background.

    Ralph Lauren Jamaica Pochette Scarf - The Emporium Ltd. - yellow/navy/red/white/sky blue/multi

    $85.00 $99.00 $85.00
    More Details Polo Ralph Lauren pochette scarf. Brilliant yellow ground with two navy stripes framing the design.

    Hermès Napoleon Scarf - Ledoux - Vintage Lux - navy/multi

    More Details Hermès collectible Napoleon navy blue scarf by artist, Ledoux. Issued in the 1960s. Pays homage to Napoleon Bonaparte. Hand-rolled edges. Does not include box. Minor wear.

    Hermès Kermit Oliver Kachinas Scarf - The Emporium Ltd. - navy/white/multi

    More Details Hermès Kachinas scarf designed by American artist Kermit Oliver in 1992. Here, from the original issue, in the navy blue and white colorway. Original folds. Care tag attached. Presented in its original orange Hermès gift box. Appears unworn.

    Hermès Napoleon Scarf - The Emporium Ltd. - navy/white/orange/multi

    More Details Philippe Ledoux's 1963 Napoleon is the quintessential Hermès scarf. The emperor's beloved bees are screened onto the silk as part of the design and also woven into the silk, creating a rich jacquard. From a later issue, in a very French navy blue colorway. Care tag attached.

    Charleston Linen Scarf - Blue

    More Details Sure to be a wardrobe staple, this scarf is made of double-layer blue linen with navy trim and knotted fringe.

    Hermès Lim. Ed Navy Brandebourgs Scarf - Vintage Lux

    More Details Hermès 35" Brandebourgs silk scarf in blue and white designed by Cathy Latham. Hand-rolled edges. Limited edition with embossed bee pattern. New in the original box.

    Hermès Tuileries Scarf - The Emporium Ltd. - navy/gold/red/white/black

    More Details Hermés Les Tuileries scarf celebrates the exquisite Paris gardens with a central cartouche of Mercury riding Pegasus surrounded by fanciful gold scroll designs. Classic blue, gold, white, red, and black colorway. Designed by Joachim Metz in 1996.

    Hermès Les Artificiers Scarf - The Emporium Ltd. - red/blue/multi

    More Details Hermès Les Artificiers scarf boasts dozens of soldiers on horseback, parading across its silk with fireworks surrounded by a border of soldiers with more fireworks. Classic red and navy colorway. Designed by Michel Duchene in 1987 and never again released as a silk scarf. Care tag attached. Faint marks, pin hole (pictured).

    Hermès Chocs en Plumes Scarf - Vintage Lux - blue/gold

    $449.00 $498.00 $449.00
    More Details Hermès navy silk twill Chocs en Plumes scarf with gold chain and color block stripe detail. Hand-rolled edges. Minor wear.

    Hermès Blue Graphic Print Silk Tie - Vintage Lux

    More Details Hermès navy silk tie with graphic print. Box included.