Painted Dish
  1. SXR

    Fluted Mega Oval Accent Dish - Blue/White - Royal Copenhagen

    More Details A lovely choice for everyday use and special occasions alike, this dish is artisan-crafted of porcelain with a modern floral design that's hand-painted in blue.
  2. VML

    Meissen Blue Floral Leaf Dish - Vermilion Designs

    More Details Antique Meissen leaf-shaped porcelain dish with a vine handle and hand-painted blue flowers. Marked with the Meissen crossed swords logo.
  3. FVO

    Majolica Asparagus Dish - G3Q Designs - blue/green/cream/brown

    More Details Hand-painted majolica asparagus serving dish featuring lily pad blossom motif. No maker's mark.
  4. VML

    Antique Floral Porcelain Limoges Dish - Vermilion Designs - off-white/multi

    More Details Antique Limoges porcelain dish from the Joan Rivers Estate. Clover dish with hand-painted florals and laurel leaf wreaths and swags. Gilt edge accent. Marked "Chamart, Limoges, France" on the underside. Minor glaze crack, light age wear.
  5. VML

    Chamberlins Worcester Floral Dish - Vermilion Designs - white/multi

    More Details Antique Chamberlins Worcester porcelain floral heart dish with painted floral designs and accents. Gilt edge frieze accents with stylized geometric pattern. Marked "Chamberlins Worcester" on the underside.
  6. SXR

    Fluted Mega Covered Dish - Blue/White - Royal Copenhagen - 8"

    More Details A lovely choice for everyday use and special occasions alike, this covered baking dish is artisan-crafted of porcelain with a modern floral design that's hand-painted in blue.
  7. VML

    Porcelain Chinoiserie Floral Dish - Vermilion Designs - blue/white/multi

    More Details Antique English porcelain dish hand-painted with floral design in the center with floral accents around the perimeter edge with cobalt blue background. Gilt accents. No maker's mark.
  8. VML

    Limoges Floral & Gilt Leaf Dish - Vermilion Designs - white/gold/multi

    More Details Limoges porcelain floral and gilt leaf dish hand-painted with an interlocking floral garland and ribbon and gilt leaf accents. Marked "Giraud, Limoges, France, for Lord and Taylor" on the underside.
  9. SWV

    Modello Casserole Dish - Blue - VIETRI

    More Details Perfect for special occasions or everyday use, this casserole dish is made of durable stoneware with hand-painted stripes and a glossy white ground. Made in Italy.
  10. VML

    Mottahedeh Porcelain Scalloped Dish - Vermilion Designs - white/red-orange/gold

    $65.00 $79.00 $65.00
    More Details Mottahedeh porcelain urn dish with scalloped edges and hand-painted floral decorated basket urn image at the center. Marked "VA, Est. 1926, Vista Alegre, Portugal, for Mottahedeh, Lowestoft reproduction, Created by Mottahedeh" on the underside. Minor wear.
  11. VML

    English Milk Maiden Transferware Dish - Vermilion Designs - multi

    $59.00 $75.00 $59.00
    More Details Antique English milk maiden transfer ware dish depicting a milk maiden bringing milk home to her children. Titled "Cries Of London" on the front bottom center. Also marked "Milk Below Maids" in English and "Lui veut du lait il est tout chaud" in French on the front bottom. Marked "Painted by F. Wheatly, R.A., Engraved by L. Sohiavonettl" also on the front bottom. Also marked "Estd. 1657, Adams, England" on the underside.
  12. WBR

    French Faience Dish - The Emporium Ltd. - blue/white/caramel/green/ochre/black/brown

    More Details Hand-painted French faience dish in Gien's 200-year old "Fond Bleu" pattern. Richly rendered floral-laden urns with scrolling flourishes. Marked "Gien France" with a company cable mark used from 1938 through 1960.
  13. FRA

    Limoges Lovers Shell Dish - Laurie Frank - gold/white/multi

    More Details Sculptural dish in the shape of a spiral shell with 24K gold hand-painted trim and Fragonard's two lovers in a garden. Marked: Limoges France.
  14. VML

    Gio Ponti for Richard Ginori Sport Dish - Vermilion Designs - white/red/multi

    More Details Vintage Gio Ponti for Richard Ginori hand-painted pole vault dish. Marked "Richard Ginori 5-38, 35, 545" on the underside.
  15. VML

    19th-C. German Basket-Weave Dish - Vermilion Designs - cobalt blue/white/multi

    More Details 19th-century German hand-painted porcelain basket-weave dish with portrait of a boy. Marked "Royal Medalb'on Blue, Germany, 83" on the underside.
  16. GJN

    Floral Cloisonné Trinket Dish - Tobe Reed - multi

    More Details Intricately hand-painted cloisonné trinket dish or catchall with raised lip and floral design.
  17. VML

    Chateau d'Artigny Limoges Porcelain Dish - Vermilion Designs - white/gold/blue/red

    More Details Vintage Chateau d'Artigny Limoges porcelain dish with hand-painted logo. Marked "Grandes Étapes Francaises Chateau D' Artigny Montbazon...GDA, Limoges France" on the underside.
  18. VML

    Faience Pierced Bread Dish - Vermilion Designs - white/eggplant/multi

    More Details Vintage faience pierced bread dish with hand-painted floral design at the center and floral accents on each quadrant. Floral vine handles. Acanthus leaf accenting. Marked "VP" on the underside.
  19. SXR

    Set of 2 Mega Soufflé Dish - White/Blue - Royal Copenhagen

    More Details A lovely choice for everyday use and special occasions alike, these individual soufflé dishes are artisan-crafted of porcelain with a modern floral design hand-painted in blue.
  20. SXR

    Mega Oval Accent Dish - White/Black - Royal Copenhagen

    More Details A lovely choice for everyday use and special occasions alike, this plate is artisan-crafted of porcelain with a modern floral design hand-painted in black.
  21. FRA

    Spiral Shell Dish with Irises - Laurie Frank - gold/yellow/ivory/green

    More Details Small porcelain tray in the shape of a spiral shell with 24K gilt and hand-painted irises. Marked: Chubu China.
  22. FVO

    Majolica Lemon Dishes - 14 Pcs. - G3Q Designs - yellow/green/white

    More Details Handmade midcentury Italian half-moon plates with hand-painted lemon detail. Set includes covered dish on plate and petite serving plate. Marked "Made in Italy Exclusively for The Walter Hatches 17/b", "Made in Italy Exclusively for The Walter Hatches WH/62". Minimal age wear, couple tiny nicks to paint. Dimensions: plates, 9.5"L x 7.5"W x 2"H; leaf plate, 7.5'L x 5"W x 2"H; covered dish, 6"L x 5"W x 5"H.
  23. HTC

    French Haviland Limoges Dishes - Set of 3 - Design Line - white/gold/blue/red/yellow/green

    More Details Set of three French Haviland Limoges porcelain trinket dishes in a delicate hand-painted spring floral with gold accents. Set includes bowl, 6” L x 5” W x 2.25” H; tray, 5.5” L x 5.5” W x 1” H; 6” L x 4” W x .5” H. Marked “Haviland, France, Limoges.”
  24. VML

    Porcelain Limoges Fruit Dishes - Set of 2 - Vermilion Designs - white/green/mustard

    More Details Pair of vintage porcelain Limoges fruit dishes with hand-painted fruit design at the center. Scalloped edges. Marked "Haviland, Limoges, Haviland, France, Limoges" on the underside of each.
  25. HXS

    Japanese Porcelain Dinnerware Set - 20-Pc - Jacki Mallick Designs - white/gold

    More Details 1950s Japanese porcelain dinnerware set by Hayasi. This iconic pattern features a Mount Fuji scene on a bright white ground with 22K gold details. Set includes: eight dinner plates, eight salad/dessert plates, and seven fruit bowls. Each piece is signed on the underside: Hayasi China, Hand Painted Kutani. Salad/dessert plates: 6.5"Dia x 0.75"H; fruit bowls: 5.5"Dia x 1.5"H.
  26. HXS

    Limoges Dinnerware Set - 17 Pcs - Jacki Mallick Designs - white/gold/pink/green

    More Details Midcentury 17-piece Art Nouveau-style hand-painted Limoges porcelain dinnerware set by M. Redon. The pattern features a bright white ground with yellow, pink, and green floral scroll and swag pattern and a 22K gold rim. Set includes six dinner plates, six salad/dessert plates, and five bread/butter plates. Each piece is signed on the underside: Limoges France-M. Redon. Salad/dessert plates: 7.5"Dia x 0.75"H; bread/butter plates: 6.5"Dia x 0.5"H.
  27. HXS

    Japanese Porcelain Dinnerware - Set of 17 - Jacki Mallick Designs - white/gold/multi

    More Details 1950s Japanese Itami shape hand-painted white faux-bois textured porcelain dinnerware set in the White Plum pattern. Features blossom trees in green, white, red, and yellow. 22K gold rim. Each piece is signed on the underside, Gold China. Set includes: four dinner plates, 1"H x 10"Dia; five soup bowls, 1.5"H x 7.75"Dia; two salad/dessert plates, 1"H x 7.5"Dia; two fruit bowls, 1"H x 6"Dia; four bread/butter plates, 1"H x 6.5"Dia.