Patina Figurine
  1. Tobe Reed

    Brass Giraffe Figurine - Tobe Reed

    More Details Vintage brass giraffe figurine. No maker's mark. Patina.
  2. Vermilion Designs

    King John Signing Magna Carta Figurine - Vermilion Designs

    More Details Antique English Staffordshire King John signing the Magna Carta figurine. Canopy over the depiction of the event with flanking smaller members of court. No maker's mark. Some age wear and patina.
  3. Vermilion Designs

    Black Forest Sitting Bear Figurine - Vermilion Designs

    More Details Antique German hand-carved Black Forest sitting bear figurine depicted with a pack strapped to his back. No maker's marks. Minor age wear and patina.
  4. Retro Gallery

    German Bronze Elephant Figurine - Retro Gallery

    More Details Midcentury German cast bronze miniature elephant figurine. Aged patina.
  5. Tobe Reed

    Brass Pelican Figurine - Tobe Reed

    More Details Sold brass pelican figurine perched on a rock base. Patina.
  6. Tobe Reed

    Midcentury Brass Elephant Figure - Tobe Reed

    More Details Midcentury elephant figurine with his trunk up for good luck. Flat edge makes it ideal as bookend. Patina.
  7. Tobe Reed

    Brass Cat - Tobe Reed

    More Details Seated brass cat figurine with unique design detail. Patina.
  8. Vermilion Designs

    English Staffordshire Shepherdess - Vermilion Designs

    More Details Antique English Staffordshire figurine of a shepherdess with her flock under a tree. No maker's mark. Minor tarnish and patina.
  9. Tobe Reed

    Brass Mother & Calf Giraffe - Set of 2 - Tobe Reed

    More Details Brass adult giraffe and calf figurines. Calf, 2"L x 1"W x 5"H; adult, 8.5"L x 2"W x 8"H. Patina. No maker's mark. Patina
  10. Retro Gallery

    Brass Hedgehog & Snail - Retro Gallery

    More Details Vintage German brass hedgehog and snail figurines. The hedgehog has a burnished patina. Hedgehog, 1.75"L x 1.25"W x 0.8"H; snail, 1.6"L x 0.8"W x 1.1"H.
  11. Janney's Collection

    Mid-Century Brass Cranes - Set of 2 - Janney's Collection

    More Details Set of two beautifully detailed solid brass cranes, circa 1960. One with wings spread and head down, 6.5"L x 8.25"W x 7"H; one with head up and wings closed, 3"L x 3"W x 12"H. Made in Korea. Warm patina.
  12. G3Q Designs

    Life-Size Bronze Whippet Statues - Pr - G3Q Designs

    More Details Pair of large bronze whippet statues. No maker's marks. Minimal age wear; light patina. Dimensions: smaller dog, 28"L x 8"W x 21"H.
  13. Tobe Reed

    Midcentury Brass Mice - Set of 2 - Tobe Reed

    More Details Pair of midcentury Taiwanese solid brass mice. No maker's mark. Patina.
  14. Tobe Reed

    Brass Giraffes - Set of 2 - Tobe Reed

    More Details Pair of brass giraffes. Natural patina. No maker's mark.
  15. Rose Victoria

    Cast Iron Dog Bookends - Rose Victoria

    More Details Pair of dog bookends made of bronzed cast iron. No maker's mark. Patina.
  16. Tobe Reed

    Brass Whale Ashtray - Tobe Reed

    More Details Petite brass whale ashtray. No makers mark. Patina.
  17. Tobe Reed

    Brass Saint Bernard Doorstop - Tobe Reed

    More Details Heavy brass doorstop in the shape of a Saint Bernard with a keg collar. Patina.
  18. Tobe Reed

    Brass Swan Planters - Set of 2 - Tobe Reed

    More Details Pair of vintage brass swan planters. No maker's mark. Patina.
  19. Adam Babicz Antiques

    Painted Cockerels - Set of 2 - Adam Babicz Antiques

    More Details Pair of handsome painted metal cockerels with a rusty patina. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  20. Design Line

    Solid Brass 7” Lion - Design Line

    More Details Large seven inch solid brass lion with intricate detail and texture. No maker's mark. Light wear and patina.
  21. Bob Richter, Richter Design

    Gilt Elephant with Upturned Trunk

    More Details Charming Gilt Figure of an Elephant with an Upturned Trunk. Wonderful Patina and Character.
  22. Vintage Bella Home

    Mid Century Brass Polar Bear - Vintage Bella Home

    More Details Midcentury solid brass polar bear with patina. Vintage condition.
  23. Tobe Reed

    Brass Crowned Crane - Tobe Reed

    More Details Vintage brass crowned crane on stand. No maker's mark. Natural patina.
  24. Tobe Reed

    Mother & Calf Giraffes - Set of 2 - Tobe Reed

    More Details Adult giraffe with calf. Calf: 5"H. No maker's mark. Patina, subtle wear.
  25. Design Line

    Fredrick Cooper Geese - Set of 2 - Design Line

    More Details Pair of large finely detailed mid-century artisan carved mahogany and brass geese mounted on the original wood bases with foil label underside, circa 1960. Larger, 13” L x 7” W x 13” H; smaller, 12” L x 7” W x 12” H. Protective felt underside. Marked “Fredrick Cooper Design, Chicago.” Light wear with nice patina to brass and fine age lines and scuffs to wood.
  26. Design Line

    Solid Brass 9” Lioness - Design Line

    More Details Large nine inch solid brass lioness with intricate facial detail and polished finished. No maker's mark. Light wear and patina