Pink Napkin Ring
  1. Canvas

    Set of 4 Cecily Napkin Rings - Pink - Canvas

    More Details A sweet addition to any table setting, these porcelain napkin rings are glazed in glossy pink.
  2. Mode Living

    Set of 4 Marbella Napkin Rings - Pink - Mode Living

    More Details Detailed with rhinestone accents, these artisanal napkin rings dress up any table with color and glamorous style.
  3. Kim Seybert

    Set of 4 Flamingo Napkin Holders - Pink - Kim Seybert

    More Details Each topped with an impressive flamingo figure, these napkin rings enliven the table with undeniable tropical flair.
  4. Kim Seybert

    Set of 4 Fiesta Napkin Holders - Pink - Kim Seybert

    More Details These bold, festive napkin rings dress up the table with a lively mix of color and texture.
  5. Mode Living

    Set of 4 Fez Napkin Rings - Blush - Mode Living

    More Details Perfect for any occasion, these tasseled cotton napkin ring give the table a stylish finishing touch.
  6. All Across Africa

    Set of 4 Fringe Napkin Rings - Hibiscus - All Across Africa

    More Details Using traditional methods, craftswomen in Rwanda weave beautifully dyed sisal fibers and sweetgrass to make these stunning fringed napkin rings. We love how these enliven the table with color, pattern, and artisanal appeal.
  7. Joanna Buchanan

    Set of 2 Rose Quartz Napkin Rings - Rose Gold - Joanna Buchanan

    More Details Each adorned with a rose quartz medallion, these brass napkin rings lend refined organic appeal to any table.
  8. Treasure Trove NYC

    Lucite Seashell Napkin Holder - Treasure Trove NYC

    More Details Hand-cast Lucite napkin holder inlaid with various seashells.