Vintage Bowls
  1. INW

    Vietri Italian Ceramic Bowls - Set of 10 - blue/white/green/blush

    More Details Set of 10 white ceramic bowls handmade in Italy for Vietri. Each is hand-painted with three blue stripes on the exterior and two blush-colored tulips on the interior. Marked “Handmade Hand Painted in Italy for Vietri 1988” on undersides. 7"Dia x 2"H each.
  2. AAU

    Blue Murano Glass Bowls - Set of 2 - Retro Gallery

    More Details Pair of vintage Murano glass bowls in rich blue with turquoise rims. One retains the original label. Slight size difference; smaller bowl, 5.9"L x 5.8"W x 2.75"H. Suitable as ashtrays. Minor age wear, scratches.
  3. QXJ

    Iridescent Bowls & Underplates - 12 Pcs - Portfolio No.6 - iridescent luster/clear

    More Details Set of six vintage iridescent crystal bowls with underplates. Each features a hand-engraved "NCG" monogram and is embellished with gilding on the rim. Polished bases. No maker's mark. Bowls, 4.5"Dia x 2.8"H; underplates, 6"Dia x 0.9"H. Some gilding wear.
  4. INW

    Christmas Bowls - Set of 4 - white/red/green/gold

    More Details A set of four Christmas bowls. White ceramic bowls with a gilt lip are edged with sprigs of holly and berries. Dimensions per bowl.
  5. INW

    Soreno Yellow Glass Bowls - Set of 2

    More Details A pair of decorative midcentury 'Soreno' glass bowls made by Anchor Hocking. Yellow colored glass ribbed on the exterior radiates out with concentric circles from the center of the bowl. Dimensions per bowl.
  6. NWB

    Midcentury Mexican Painted Bowls - Set of 4 - Chez Vous - red/multi

    More Details Vintage Mexican redware bowls in 4 graduated sizes. Whimsical and colorful hand painted scenes of a burro, cacti, flowers, a hombre's siesta, and a hacienda. No maker's marks but handwritten Mexico on the underside. Dimensions: 10.25" Dia. x 4"H, 8.75" Dia. x 4"H, 7.75" Dia. x 4"H, 5.5" Dia. x 2"H. Good condition with 1.5"L rim crack in largest bowl, minor glaze flaws, and finish wear.
  7. PTO

    15" Braganza Basin Bowl - Pink - Port 68 - pink/gold/multi

    More Details Bring a touch of global appeal to any surface with this this vintage-inspired bowl, beautifully shaped of porcelain with brightly hued flora-and-fauna motifs and a crackled white glaze.
  8. AAU

    Reed & Barton Color-Glaze Bowl - Retro Gallery - blue/silver

    More Details Vintage Reed and Barton silver-plate console bowl from the company's Color Glaze collection in a soft periwinkle hue. This glaze was created in the 1960s by Reed and Barton's designer John Prip and is not a strong enamel so extra care is required. Light scratches, age wear.
  9. VML

    Georg Jensen Silver Centerpiece Bowl - Vermilion Designs

    More Details Vintage Georg Jensen sterling silver centerpiece bowl. Circular on a short stem with stylized leaves and beads, on a circular foot. Marked, "USA Georg Jensen Inc. Sterling 9305" on the underside. Some minor tarnish and light dents inside bowl.
  10. DTN

    Hand-Painted Chinoiserie Bowl - Ivy and Vine - multi

    More Details Vintage chinoiserie bowl with a hand-painted design and metal rim. Marked "Decorated in Hong Kong" on back. Some age wear.
  11. AAU

    Murano Sommerso Glass Bowl - Retro Gallery - green

    More Details Vintage Flavio Poli Murano sommerso lime green ombré bowl. Light scratches on underside.
  12. KWY

    Wood Masala Bowl - de-cor - brown/multi

    More Details Vintage hand-carved wood serving bowl. Minor wear.
  13. AAU

    Emerald Murano Console Bowl - Retro Gallery - green/white/copper

    More Details Vintage Murano cased glass console bowl in emerald green with copper aventurine and white underside. No maker's mark.
  14. KWY

    Golden Vine Tibetan Bowl - de-cor

    More Details Vintage Tibetan wood bowl with original red finish and golden vine design. Originally used by monks in Tibetan temples to hold fruit offerings at ceremonial altars. Age wear.
  15. DSW

    Large Murano Glass Deco Bowl - La Maison Supreme - translucent gold

    More Details Vintage large Murano glass decorative bowl. Partial "Made in Murano, Italy" sticker on base.
  16. INW

    Italian Blue & Gold Porcelain Bowl

    More Details Italian porcelain bowl in blue finished with a red and gold line. Vine leaves edged in gold decorate the inside of the bowl and an embossed Roman woman kneels by an urn at the center.
  17. IHV

    Royal Austria Water Lily Bowl - green/multi

    More Details Vintage Royal Austria water lily bowl. Scalloped and beaded top edge. Maker's mark on underside.
  18. AAU

    Per Lütken for Holmegaard Glass Bowl - Retro Gallery - blue

    More Details Vintage Per Lütken for Holmegaard large blue blown glass console bowl from the artist's Provence series. Signed and numbered on underside. Minor age wear, scratches.
  19. AAU

    Per Lütken Angled Console Bowl - Retro Gallery - smoke

    More Details Vintage Per Lütken for Holmegaard angled gray smoke blown glass console bowl with a slanted rim. Height of bowl ranges from 6.75"H to 5.9"H. Signed by the glass artist on underside.
  20. URD

    1970s White Checked Handkerchief Bowl - Osprey Blu

    More Details Vintage clear glass handkerchief bowl with a silkscreen-printed white checked motif.
  21. HTC

    Emerald Centerpiece Bowl - Design Line

    More Details Vintage 14-inch oval pressed glass centerpiece or fruit bowl in deep forest hunter green in a sparkling rose and cane pattern accented by a hob star and sawtooth rim. Attributed to Wheaton Glass Co. No maker's mark.
  22. VML

    Gien Floral Footed Bowl - Vermilion Designs - cream/multi

    More Details Vintage Gien floral footed bowl with acanthus leaf style handles and feet. Floral designs on exterior and interior. Marked "Gien" with castle logo on the underside.
  23. AAU

    Seguso Gold-Infused Glass Bowl - Retro Gallery

    More Details Vintage Seguso heavy clear glass accent bowl infused with gold dust and bullicante technique. Attributed to Flavio Poli, 1950s.
  24. VML

    Ceramic Serving Bowls - Set of 2 - Vermilion Designs - cream/multi

    More Details Set of two vintage ceramic fruit-motif serving bows. Small: 6.25"Dia x 3.5"H; large: 9.38"Dia x 4"H. Marked "Knowles Utility Ware, Made in U.S.A., 44-10" on the underside.
  25. VML

    French Quimper Hiker Serving Bowl - Vermilion Designs - yellow/multi

    More Details Vintage French Quimper hiker serving bowl with handles. Depicts a hand-painted hiker figure at the center with floral design frieze around the outside perimeter. Marked "HB, Quimper. France, Les Plats - Du - Chef, CN" on the underside.