Vintage Box
  1. AIU

    Vintage Burmese Owl Box - Acquisitions Gallerie - gold/black

    More Details Delightful vintage Burmese lacquered bamboo owl box with gilding.
  2. VTO

    3" Brass Box with Vintage-Style Bug - Gold - Joanna Buchanan

    More Details Exclusive to One Kings Lane: Perfect for storing jewelry and small accessories out of sight, this luxe little box is crafted of gleaming brass and adorned with a beautifully bejeweled bug.
  3. AIU

    Vintage Burmese Lacquered Bird Box - Acquisitions Gallerie - gold/black

    More Details Charming vintage Burmese lacquered bamboo bird box with gilding fashioned in a stylized round shape.
  4. VML

    Vintage Shell Souvenir Box - Vermilion Designs - multi/red

    More Details Vintage shell souvenir box with a red velvet lined interior . No maker's marks.
  5. MFI

    Edwardian Cut-Crystal Boxed Parure - Neil Zevnik - clear/silver; box, burgundy

    More Details Circa 1905 Edwardian boxed parure offering a single-strand necklace, double-strand bracelet, and screw-back earrings of graduated hand-faceted cut crystal demi-bicones with sterling clasps and findings. Original burgundy leather-covered presentation box included. Condition of crystals is impeccable throughout; subtle yet significant sparkle. Marked "Silver." Necklace, 16"L x 0.5"W; bracelet, 7.5"L x 1"W; earrings, 1"L x 0.5"W; box, 7"L x 5"W x 1.75"H. Slight wear on edges of box.
  6. VML

    Wedgwood Porcelain Grapevine Box - Vermilion Designs - green/ivory

    More Details Vintage Wedgwood jasperware porcelain box with a frieze of bas-relief grapevines and foliage. Marked "Wedgwood, Made In England, GAV, 76" on the underside. Light surface wear and patina.
  7. VML

    Log Cabin Porcelain Limoges Box - Vermilion Designs - multi

    More Details Tiny vintage log cabin porcelain Limoges box with separate porcelain book piece on the inside. Depicts a very tiny red roofed log cabin with a floral brass clasp and brass edge detailing. Marked: "Limoges France, PH, Marque Deposee, Peint Mein" on the underside.
  8. AHS

    Inlaid Stone Lily Pad Box - Owl's Roost Antiques - cream/green/pink/black/gold

    More Details Vintage lily pad trinket box inlaid with onyx, quartz, and river jade. Black velvet-lined interior. Tiny chip on back corner by hinge.
  9. VML

    Porcelain Round Floral Limoges Box - Vermilion Designs - blue/multi

    More Details Vintage porcelain round floral Limoges box with brass flower clasp. Brass edge detailing. Hand-painted floral designs with gilt leaf motif on the interior. Marked "NoD, Peint Main, Limoges France" on the underside.
  10. AIU

    Florentine Orange Gilt Box - Acquisitions Gallerie - orange/gold/turquoise

    More Details Outstanding vintage Florentine wood box painted in regal orange with turquoise highlights and gilding. Hinged lid opens to reveal lacquered natural wood interior. Incised hallmark on base reads, "VC, Made In Florence, Made In Italy".
  11. AIU

    Wood & Bone Folk Art Box - Acquisitions Gallerie - cream/brown

    More Details Vintage Eastern European Folk Art box crafted of inlaid bone, mother-of-pearl and wood. Repeating floral elements dominate the decorative theme with scrolling carved elements and inlaid bone repeating patterns. Interior lined with green fabric. No maker's mark.
  12. AIU

    Burmese Lacquer & Gilt Horned Owl Box - Acquisitions Gallerie - gold/black

    More Details Vintage Burmese lacquered Horned Owl box decorated with heavy gilding.
  13. AAU

    Syrian Marquetry Box - Retro Gallery - brown/rust/ivory

    More Details Vintage Syrian handmade marquetry box with inlaid wood accented with mother-of-pearl. Red fabric lining with piping. Light age wear, few missing and loose tiles.
  14. VML

    Porcelain Floral Heart Limoges Box - Vermilion Designs - white/multi

    More Details Vintage hand-painted porcelain floral Limoges box with unhinged lid. Marked: "LEC, Limoges France" on the underside.
  15. VML

    Italian Borghese Marbelized Ceramic Box - Vermilion Designs - mustard/red/gold

    More Details Vintage Italian Borghese marbelized ceramic box with scalloped edges. Marked "Borghese" on the underside.
  16. PWR

    Italian Florentine Box - Adam Babicz Antiques - multi

    More Details Vintage Italian Florentine Box, with hand painted flowers in vibrant colors.
  17. AAU

    Brass & Sea Glass Box - Retro Gallery - gold/coral/red/cream

    More Details Vintage Mexican hand-pounded brass box featuring crushed sea glass and seashells on the lid. Wood-lined interior. Maker's stamp on underside.
  18. DNB

    Imperial Places of St. Petersburg Box Se - Booth & Williams - multi

    More Details Features a blend of four authentic contemporary books published 1992. Includes a delightful collection of world art in four different colors, all put together in a box with a unique paste down on top. Decorative books with light overall wear suitable for reading and book decor.
  19. VML

    Porcelain Farm Maiden-Themed Limoges Box - Vermilion Designs - multi

    More Details Vintage porcelain Limoges box with a maiden figurine on the lid. Brass edges with heart shaped brass clasp. Garden and countryside scenes on the body and interior simple decoration. Marked "Peint Main, Limoges France" on the underside.
  20. AIU

    Petite Burmese Lacquer Owl Box - Acquisitions Gallerie - gold/black

    More Details Vintage Burmese lacquered bamboo owl box with a gilded finish.
  21. AAU

    Syrian Marquetry Box - Retro Gallery - brown/rust/ivory

    More Details Vintage Syrian handmade marquetry box with inlaid wood tiles accented with mother-of-pearl. Light age wear, few missing tiles, box unlined.
  22. VML

    Cherub Theme Florentine Style Box - Vermilion Designs - grey/gold/red/beige

    More Details Vintage cherub theme Florentine style hinged wooden box with a frieze of cherubs forging arrows on top and floral garlands accenting the sides. No maker's marks.
  23. DNB

    Man On The Moon Box Set - Set of 3 - Booth & Williams - black

    More Details Features a blend of four authentic contemporary books published 1998. Includes the complete set, Volumes I-III, all housed in original boxes. Books document the historic landing and return of Lance Armstrong. Decorative books with moderate overall wear are suitable for reading and book decor.
  24. INW

    Chinoiserie Campaign Box With Stand

    More Details A Chinoiserie campaign style box with stand. The box is made of wood and wrapped with kanji covered paper inside and out. Accented with brass corners and bail handles at each side. In front the brass latch is pressed with a butterfly motif. The wooden stand has square legs.
  25. AIU

    Burmese Lacquered Duck Box - Acquisitions Gallerie - gold/black

    More Details Charming vintage small Burmese lacquered bamboo duck box with gilding.
  26. YFQ

    Hand-Carved Monkeypod Nutcracker Box - Galleria d'Epoca - brown/gold

    More Details Vintage hand-carved monkeypod wood nutcracker container with hammer.
  27. HTC

    Glass Loop Rim Pedestal Box - Design Line - clear

    More Details Vintage rectangular glass pedestal bowl with a looped rim and fluted body. No maker's mark.
  28. AIU

    Armorial Crest Cigarette Box - Acquisitions Gallerie - silver/brown

    More Details Vintage silver-plate cigarette box with an armorial crest on the lid, gadrooned edges, and wood-lined interior with removable dividers. Lion passant hallmark on underside and numbers "77." Some age wear and scratches. Minor loss of silver plate on interior lid.
  29. VML

    Round Herend Rothschild Bird Box - Vermilion Designs - white/multi

    More Details Vintage round Herend porcelain lidded bird box in the Rothschild pattern. Marked with Handpainted Herend Germany and model number on bottom.
  30. VML

    Japanese Papier-Mâché Floral Box - Vermilion Designs - red/multi

    More Details Vintage Japanese papier-mâché oval box with hand-painted floral designs. Marked with Japanese characters and "Made in Japan" on underside. Age wear and patina.
  31. VML

    Porcelain & Brass Rabbit Limoges Box - Vermilion Designs - multi

    More Details Handpainted porcelain and brass vintage rabbit hinged Limoges box.Marked "Limoges France, (indesciperable) F" on the underside.
  32. VML

    Porcelain & Brass Rabbit Limoges Box - Vermilion Designs - white/black/pink/green/blue/brass/yellow

    More Details Vintage handpainted porcelain and brass rabbit hinged Limoges box with painted flowers on the inside. Marked "Décor Main, F.A., Limoges = France, P.B." on the underside.
  33. VML

    Porcelain Rabbit Basket Limoges Box - Vermilion Designs - green/white/orange/violet/brass

    More Details Vintage brass and handpainted porcelain rabbit basket hinged Limoges box. Marked "Peint Main, Limoges France, CN 264.300" on the underside.
  34. VML

    Porcelain & Brass Easter Egg Limoges Box - Vermilion Designs - brass/white/purple/lavender/pink/green

    More Details Vintage porcelain and brass Easter egg Limoges style hinged box. No maker's marks.
  35. NWB

    Antique French Pharmacy Boxes - Set of 3 - Chez Vous - green/cream

    More Details Set of three pharmacy boxes from Châteaurenard, France. Appear to be unused vintage stock; purchased at an antique market in the Luberon valley of Provence. No mark to indicate age, but three digit phone number suggests early 20th century. Larger box, 4.75"Dia x 2.25"H; two smaller boxes, 4"Dia x 1.75"H. Some wear to paper. Multiple sets available.
  36. VML

    Florentine Leather Snuff Boxes - Set of 2 - Vermilion Designs - reddish brown

    More Details Set of two vintage Florentine leather snuff boxes with gilt decoration. Marked "Made In Italy" on the underside. Smaller oval box: 2.125"L x 1.38"W x 0.75"H. Larger hinged hexagonal box: 2.5"L x 2"W x 0.75"H.
  37. NWB

    French Candle Wick Boxes - Set of 3 - Chez Vous - black/white/silver

    More Details Set of three vintage French black-and-white boxes filled with cotton wicks for traditional oil nightlights. Found at L'Ilse sur la Sorgue antique market. Unused vintage stock. Minor stains on boxes.
  38. VML

    Traditional Wood Planter Box - Vermilion Designs - beige-brown

    More Details Vintage traditional wood planter box with decorative raised molding and plinth base.No maker's marks.
  39. DTN

    Chinoiserie Gold Trinket Box - Ivy and Vine

    More Details Vintage Japanese trinket box with a pagoda landscape scene and detailing throughout. Marked "Made in Japan" on underside. Some age wear.
  40. BAH

    French Artist's Tool Box - Ballyhoo - multi

    More Details Vintage French artist's tool box used for storing paint, tools, and brushes. Paint residue.
  41. GWO

    Monogrammed Silver Jewelry Box - Debra Hall Lifestyle - silver/blue

    More Details Vintage silver-plated jewelry box with "S" monogram by Towle. Slotted velvet-lined interior. Marked on underside.
  42. WBR

    Jewelry Box - The Emporium Ltd. - blue/ivory

    More Details Remarkable hand-painted jewelry box. Beautiful hand-drawn Victorian scene. Extraordinary attention to detail. Lined in vintage quilted fabric. Signed by the artist on a signature brass plaque.
  43. AIU

    Petite Florentine Pink Domed Trinket Box - Acquisitions Gallerie - pink/gold

    More Details Petite vintage Florentine wood box decorated in subtle pink and gilding. Hinged lid opens to reveal bright pink painted interior. No maker's marks.
  44. VML

    Mid-Century Modern Vanity Jewelry Box - Vermilion Designs - brown/maple/black

    More Details Vintage Mid-Century Modern vanity jewelry box. Wooden box with drawer supported by steel legs attached to a steel base in a diamond configuration. No maker's marks.
  45. VML

    Keren Kopal Rooster Trinket Box - Vermilion Designs - red/orange/gold/multi

    More Details Vintage Keren Kopal Fabergé-style rooster trinket box with hinged lid and Austrian and Swarovski crystal accents. Made with pewter and gold-plated with magnetic closure. Marked "Keren Kopal" with a gold plaque on the interior. Comes with original box and certificate. Rooster, 4"L x 2.5"W x 4.5"H. Box, 6.13"L x 4.13"W x 3.38"H.
  46. AIU

    Floral Painted Lacquered Trinket Box - Acquisitions Gallerie - yellow/orange/red/green/black

    More Details Vintage lacquered wood box hand-painted with an intricate Moghul floral design. No maker's mark.
  47. GJN

    Lidded Alabaster Trinket Box - Tobe Reed - white/gold

    More Details Vintage round lidded alabaster box with a brass rim. No maker's mark.
  48. VML

    English Style Wallmount Mailbox - Vermilion Designs - gold bronze

    More Details Vintage English style painted steel wallmount mailbox. Marked "Tudor Mailtainer, MFD. BYP.N. Co. Fulton, ILL. USA" embossed on the back and inside.