White Glass Jars
  1. URD

    Griffith's Milk Glass Spice Jars - Set of 11 - Osprey Blu - black/white

    More Details 1950s set of 11 Griffith's milk glass spice jars with black metal twist off lids and silver metal inserts to shake spices out evenly. Each jar has a black relief on face that says "Griffith's" with the name of the spice at the top. Spices named are: All Spice, Black Pepper, Celery Salt, Cinnamon, Dry Mustard, Garlic Salt, Ground Clove, Ground Ginger, Ground Nutmeg, Paprika and Roastmeat Seasoning. Some finish wear to a few lids. ...
  2. WBR

    Milk Glass Marmalade Jar - The Emporium Ltd. - white/multi-color

    More Details Milk glass Keiller's Scottish marmalade jar with original metal lid featuring an image of Linlithgow Palace in West Lothian, Scotland.
  3. AIU

    Holmegaard Cased Glass Spice Jar - Acquisitions Gallerie - yellow/white/brown

    More Details Danish Modern Holmegaard cased glass "Allehande" spice jar in canary yellow and white with original cork. Original label reads, "Kastrup Holmegaard, Made In Denmark."
  4. HTC

    Fluted Frost Glass Jar - Design Line - gold/white

    More Details Fluted frost glass lidded bowl accented by a gold scroll and a finial topped lid. No maker's mark. Light wear.
  5. TEF

    11" Marble Glass Jar - Blue - Bradburn Home

    More Details Designed to resemble swirling blue-and-white marble, this decorative jar is handcrafted of glass with gleaming brass accents.
  6. WBR

    Marmalade Jars - Set of 2 - The Emporium Ltd. - red/blue/ivory

    More Details Set of two Dundee Scottish armalade jars from James Keiller and Sons Ltd. with beautiful graphics in bold color.
  7. TEF

    Sky Fall Jar - Clear/Blue/Yellow - Bradburn Home

    $39.99 $60.00 $39.99
    More Details Beautiful on its own or filled with blooms, this mouth-blown artisan-glass vessel features flowing stripes of pale turquoise and lemon cream.