Womens Ivory Shawl

    Hermès Cream Cashmere/Leather Shawl - Vintage Lux

    More Details 1990s Hermès cream cashmere-and-wool shawl with extra-long leather fringe. Minor wear.

    Hermès Le Carnaval de Venise Scarf w/Box - The Emporium Ltd.

    More Details Hermès Le Carnaval de Venise scarf salutes the carnival season in Venice and celebrates the music and the masks and the pageantry of this unique city. Jacquard guitars are woven into the silk itself. In a mint and ivory colorway with contrast-color hems. Designed by Hubert de Watrigant in 1993, this scarf was renamed Fetes Venitiennes before its 2003 re-issue. This scarf is from the 1993 or 1997 issue. Care tag attached. Presented in its ...

    Hermès La Réale Vue du Carrosse Scarf - The Emporium Ltd.

    More Details Hermès La Réale Vue du Carrosse scarf designed by Hugo Grygkar in 1953. Classic black, ivory, and gold colorway with pops of red, from a later issue. Care tag attached.

    Hermès Napoleon Scarf - Original Issue - The Emporium Ltd.

    More Details The quintessential Hermès scarf, Napoleon illustrates the singular life of the French emperor. The emperor’s beloved bees are screened onto the scarf as part of the design, and also woven into the silk, creating a rich jacquard. Designed by Philippe Ledoux in 1963, this scarf is from the original 1963 issue, in a decidedly French colorway. Care tag attached. Presented in an orange Hermès gift box. Faint stains.

    Hermès La Perruche Scarf - Book & Box - The Emporium Ltd.

    More Details 1995 Hermès pochette scarf telling the story of La Perruche Inconstante (The Fickle Parakeet) by Esther Henwood, with beautiful graphics, illustrations, and contrast color hems. Care tag attached. Scarf apparently unworn. Complete with printed booklet version of the story. Presented in a cloth box shaped like a book.

    Hermès Astrologie Silk Print Scarf - Vintage Lux

    More Details Hermès silk twill Astrologie print scarf detailed with zodiac references. Hand-rolled edges. Minor markings.

    Rho Herringbone Cotton Scarf - Oatmeal - Lands Downunder

    More Details Crafted in Italy with a tonal herringbone weave and luxurious fringe, this soft cotton scarf lends lightweight warmth and effortless style to any ensemble.