vintage inspired area rugs

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Lauren Liess Bayberry Vintage Machine Washable Area Rug~P111125854

Lauren Liess

Lauren Liess Bayberry Vintage Machine Washable Area Rug

$80.00- $495.00

Ready to ship

Lauren Liess Barbary Distressed Machine Washable Area Rug

Lauren Liess

Lauren Liess Barbary Distressed Machine Washable Area Rug

$85.00- $625.00

Ready to ship

Errai Rug, Neutral/Blue~P77339048

35% OFF

Errai Rug, Neutral/Blue

$21.00- $250.50

$32.00- $385.00

Ready to ship

Ajax Rug, Ivory/Silver~P60710598

Ajax Rug, Ivory/Silver

$30.00- $645.00

Ready to ship

Betria Rug, White/Blue~P77338994

40% OFF

Betria Rug, White/Blue


Ready to ship


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Complement Your Vintage Inspired Area Rugs

Elevate Your Walls with Vintage Art

Your vintage-inspired area rug brings a distinct charm to your space. Elevate that charm even further by pairing it with vintage reproductions of famous art pieces. The intricate designs and classic feel will echo the patterns and colors of your rug, creating a cohesive and sophisticated look. Explore the vintage reproductions collection here: vintage reproductions

Add Comfort with Classic Bedding

Complete the cozy feel of your room, starting with a vintage-inspired area rug, and extending it with timeless bedding pieces. Choose our collection of blankets and quilts to coordinate with your rug's design. The complementary textures and patterns will envelop your space in warmth and charm. Discover our range of blankets and quilts here: blankets and quilts

Light Up Your Room with Classic Lighting Fixtures

Enhance the vintage aesthetic of your space by matching your area rug with classic lighting. The right lighting fixture can highlight the textures and colors in your rug, while adding an inviting glow to your room. Browse our selection of sconces and find the perfect match for your vintage decor here: sconces

Organize with Timeless Storage Solutions

Maintaining a vintage look isn't just about decor, it's also about how you organize your space. Complement your vintage-inspired area rug with stylish storage solutions that echo that timeless feel. Our collection of storage furniture pieces blend perfectly with your classic interior. Check out the selection here: storage furniture