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Shimmering Crane 2~P77437593

One Kings Lane

Shimmering Crane 2


Shimmering Crane 1~P77437592

One Kings Lane

Shimmering Crane 1


RIVerside Fisherman~P77416868

One Kings Lane

RIVerside Fisherman


Blooming Camelias~P77437597

One Kings Lane

Blooming Camelias


35% OFF

T.S. Harris, Seafoam

$275.00- $360.00

$275.00- $525.00

50% OFF

Laura Roebuck, Pastoral

$167.50- $341.50

$335.00- $525.00

Horizon View


One Kings Lane

VIntage Pattern 1-3 Triptych


45% OFF

Michelle Armas, Payton

$195.50- $256.50

$355.00- $395.00

One Kings Lane

VIntage Pattern 2


45% OFF

T.S. Harris, Pure Joy

$151.50- $364.50

$275.00- $560.00

Best Seller

One Kings Lane

VIntage Pattern 3


15% OFF

Dan Hobday, Surrey

$701.50- $952.00

$825.00- $1,120.00


Soicher Marin

Susan Hable, Peace Collage


50% OFF

Nell Waters Bernegger, Roots

$142.50- $345.00

$285.00- $345.00

50% OFF

Susan Ashworth, Anemones On Blue

$77.50- $275.00

$155.00- $360.00

One Kings Lane

Gilded Pattern 3-4 Diptych


One Kings Lane

VIntage Pattern 1


Soicher Marin

Poptarts III


30% OFF

Gabby Malpas, Sarah's Garden


Soicher Marin

Dana Gibson, Orchard


35% OFF

Teil Duncan, The Beach

$247.50- $300.00

$300.00- $380.00

One Kings Lane

Light & Shadows 2


One Kings Lane

Grounded Parrot


One Kings Lane

Gilded Pattern 1-2 Diptych


One Kings Lane



15% OFF

Gold Rush Art Co., Green Stroke



28% OFF

Hayley Mitchell, Lou I & Lou II Acrylic Box

$341.50- $1,260.50

$475.00- $1,465.00

35% OFF

Hayley Mitchell, Bathers II

$156.50- $480.00

$240.00- $480.00


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The Timeless Appeal and Artistic Elegance of One Kings Lane Paintings

Paintings have always been at the heart of interior design. They not only adorn walls but also capture emotions, stories, and moments that resonate deeply. One Kings Lane offers a curated collection of paintings that promise to elevate your living space, turning it into a haven of elegance, history, and artistic brilliance.


Framed Paintings

Every painting tells a story, and when it's framed, it becomes a masterpiece. Framed paintings from One Kings Lane are meticulously crafted, ensuring that the art is complemented by the frame, making it a focal point in any room. From framed art to vintage paintings, there's something for every art enthusiast.


Make a Statement With Large Paintings

Size does matter when it comes to art. Large paintings have the power to transform spaces, creating a visual impact that's hard to ignore. Whether it's a serene landscape or a bustling cityscape, large art paintings from One Kings Lane promise to captivate and inspire.


Contemporary Framed Art Meets Classic

Framed art is a celebration of contemporary aesthetics blended with classic art forms. It's about breaking boundaries, experimenting with colors, and presenting a fresh perspective. Dive into One Kings Lane's collection and discover pieces that are both avant-garde and timeless.


Elevate Every Wall

Not all walls are created equal, and with wall art paintings from One Kings Lane, every wall becomes a canvas. From abstract pieces to detailed portraits, wall painting decor promises to add character, depth, and beauty to your interiors.


A Legacy of Excellence

One Kings Lane is synonymous with quality, and its artwork collection is no exception. Each piece, be it wall art pieces or large paintings, is curated with an eye for detail, ensuring that it resonates with the brand's legacy of excellence and elegance.


Vintage Paintings

There's a certain charm in vintage paintings that's hard to replicate. They transport us to a different era, allowing us to relive memories and cherish the beauty of the past. One Kings Lane's collection of vintage paintings is a testament to this timeless appeal.


Paintings, The Heartbeat of Every Home

Paintings are more than just decor. They are the heartbeat of every home, capturing emotions, stories, and moments that resonate deeply. With One Kings Lane's exceptional range, your home becomes a gallery, celebrating the art of painting in all its glory.