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A large and period vertical still-life of a basket of fruit woven circa 1975 by Karlo Djurovich (Yugoslav, b. 1945). Djurovich has created a tour-de-force of the weaver's art and a dramatic focal point for a vertical space.This listed artist works exclusively in the medium of pigment-dyed hemp-weaving. His work may be found in museum collections world-wide and his commissions displayed in notable public spaces. Framed in a simple gilt-wood frame.
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Oil on canvas painting showing the artist's wife, Janet, reclining on a red couch draped with a lilac blanket. Painted circa 1955 by Victor Di Gesu (American, 1914-1988). Di Gesu estate stamp and seal on verso. Winner of the Prix Othon Friesz, Di Gesu studied in Paris with André L'Hote at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière. He exhibited widely and with success, including at the Louvre, the San Francisco Museum of Art, and the Los Angeles County Museum. Very good: edge rubbing; unframed.
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Abstract in Aqua & Jade, 1975
Abstract painting of amorphous forms in blue, red, and green arranged to evoke a landscape. Signed on verso "Frances Milton Walker" (American, 20th century) and painted circa 1975. Unframed. Age toning, edge rubbing.
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Abstract in Charcoal & Sage, 1960s
A substantial late-twentieth century American School oil abstract comprising overlapping organic forms in shades of sage and blue green contrasted against a variegated rose and jade background. Very good: minor losses, age-appropriate craquelure; unframed.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Still Life of Fruit & Vase
Cabinet-sized tonalist still life painting of a cluster of grapes with a lemon beside a Japanese ceramic vase contrasted against a variegated warm gunmetal background. Signed lower left, "R. Monti" (20th century) and painted circa 1965. Minor surface marks. Unframed.
Pastel-toned landscape painting of a shoreline with various beach grasses in the foreground and waves breaking in the distance. Signed lower right "E. Keiser" for Elizabeth Keiser (American, 20th century). "Marin Society of Artists" label verso, dated 1987 with title "Tide Grass." Unframed. Age toning, edge rubbing.
An attractive, mid-century pair of Parisian cityscapes, one showing a view of the Moulin Rouge Cabaret and, the other, a neighboring boulevard after the evening rain. French school, unsigned and painted circa 1950. Displayed in painted wooden frames of the period. Framed dimensions: 13.5''H x 1''D x 10.5''W. Very good: paintings: minor losses; frames: minor losses.
A substantial, American School Action Abstract expressionist oil comprising a dynamic interaction between contiguous and overlapping impasto shades of rose, magenta and azure. Very good: minor losses; unframed.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Carmel Coast by Kathleen Murray
Cabinet-sized landscape painting of slate blue waves receding from dove gray sandy dunes. Signed lower right "Murray" for Kathleen Murray (American, b. 1958) and painted circa 2010. Murray studied in Switzerland and at St. Michael's School in Florence, Italy. She currently lives and paints in Pacific Grove and is known for her delicately textured seascapes and landscapes of Big Sur, Carmel, and the Monterey Bay area. Unframed.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Sun Dappled Lane, 1982
A bright, watercolor landscape of a tree-lined lane dappled with deep shadows of the late afternoon sun. Signed lower left, "W.G. Doubt" (American, 20th century), dated 1982, and inscribed verso "Angus and Hosmer." Unframed.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
1960s Abstract Landscape
Oil painting of abstract landscape elements including autumn trees, a blue lake and distant mountains loosely painted with a vibrant palette in a calligraphic hand. Signed lower left "Finn" (American, 20th century) and painted circa 1965. Unframed. Age toning, edge rubbing.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Wild Flowers, 1969
A substantial and period serigraph still-life showing vibrant wildflowers against an orange background. Signed lower right, "Ken Shaw." (American, 20th century) and dated "1969." Numbered "4/10," and titled "Wildflowers". Very good: age-toning; Unframed.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Cattle at Sunset by Willi Pretz
Landscape painting of cattle near a watering hole in golden evening light with the sun filtered through elm trees in the background. Circa 1930. Signed lower left "Willi Pretz" (German, 20th century). Displayed in a giltwood frame. Frame: 21.75"L x .88''D x 17.75''H. Image: 19.75"L x 15.75"H. Minor craquelure; minor losses on frame.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Old House and Dog, 1880
A period 19th-century American Impressionist oil showing a prospect of a substantial clapboard house beneath blue skies with a dog seated on the porch steps. Signed lower left, "Henning" (American, 19th century) and painted circa 1880. Good: age-toning, minor restoration, edge-rubbing; unframed.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Still Life in Blue & White
Still life painting of white and blue wildflowers informally arranged in a ceramic vase against a scumbled parchment background. Signed lower right, "Don Morini" (American, 20th century) and painted circa 1960. Age toning, minor surface marks. Unframed.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Australian Aboriginal Cassowaries
A substantial Australian aboriginal folk-art painting showing cassowaries feeding in a woodland glade. Stylized connective elements traverse the painting, lending a lyrical and spiritual atmosphere. Signed lower right "Mullijin" (Australian, 20th century), a listed artist, and dated 2004. Unframed. 23 x 30
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Space Cat
Watercolor painting of an intrepid space-traveling Siamese cat contrasted against the planets and a golden crescent moon. Signed indistinctly lower left "Lori…" and painted circa 1985. With dedicatory inscription verso. Unframed. Minor age toning.
Modernist painting of a sharply dressed feline ready for adventure. Signed on verso, "Scarlett" for Helga Browne-Scarlett (American, 20th century) and dated 2009. Browne-Scarlett studied with Jennifer Allen and Robert Regis Dvorak. Her studio is a secluded wooden cabin, called Heaven's Hill, high above Big Sur's Wild Cattle Creek and her paintings can be found in private collections and public galleries throughout the United States and Europe. Unframed. Age toning, edge rubbing.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Bright Harbor by Julie Miller
Post-Impressionist-style oil seascape showing a sailing boat approaching a wooden dock lined with old wooden buildings. Signed lower right on stern of boat "Julie" and lower right in field "Miller" for Julie Miller (American, 20th century), a California artist, and painted circa 1960. Very good: minor losses; unframed.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Bulldogging, 1970's
A substantial and period American School figurative oil showing a dynamic scene of steer-wrestling at a rodeo. Painted circa 1975. Very good: minor scuffing; Unframed.
Portrait of a young woman by John Bohrer (American, 1925-2013), circa 1955. Bohrer studied at the Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts and, subsequently, at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. After WWII, Bohrer moved to the San Francisco Bay area and became a member of the Society of Western Artists. He undertook commissions for Stanford University and for the Capitol in his home state of Missouri. Unframed. Minor restoration, minor losses.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Suit of Lights, 1960s
Oil painting of a bullfight showing the toreador, dressed in his suit of lights, enticing the bull in the foreground and a mounted picador seen beyond. A dramatic work filled with color and movement. Signed lower right "P. Niezya" and painted circa 1965. Very good: age-toning; unframed.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Autumn Landscape, Liquid Gold, 1975
A substantial and period river landscape showing a view of a flame Maple lit by a golden sunset. Signed lower right, "J.R. West" (American, 20th century), and painted circa 1975. Very good: age-toning, edge-rubbing; unframed.
Period watercolor cityscape showing a trolley ascending Hyde Street at the corner of Lombard with a view of Alcatraz Island and San Francisco Bay in the distance. Signed lower left "James Ikeda" (American, 20th century), dated 1955. Very good: age-toning, minor restoration; unframed.
Oil on canvas showing an Edwardian interior scene with a woman descending a staircase. Signed lower left "Sears" for Marylee Sears (American, 20th century), dated verso 1927. This notable California artist exhibited at the San Francisco Art Association and the Oakland Art Gallery in the 1930s and is listed in Edan Hughes' "Artists in California, 1786-1940." Very good: age toning, edge rubbing; unframed.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Pop Art Bouquet, 1967
Oil painting of colorful flowers informally arranged in a cobalt blue vase and contrasted against an olive background. Signed lower right "REF" (American, 20th century) and dated 1967. Unframed. Age toning, edge rubbing, minor losses, restoration.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Still Life by Suzette Sayles
Watercolor painting of a still life showing tangerines informally arranged on a tabletop with purple pansies and a Venetian glass vase. Signed lower right by Carmel painter "Suzette Sayles" (American, 20th century), painted circa 1995. Unframed. Age toning.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
French School Farmyard, 1925
French School Impressionist oil painting on unstretched canvas of a farmyard with horses being watered at a pond beside an early thatched barn. Circa 1925. A charming and period work by a skilled hand and showing expert facility in the interplay of light and water. Unframed. Minor losses.
Period oil on canvas cityscape showing a winter view of a snowy Parisian square looking past neoclassical buildings toward the dome of a church. Signed lower left "D. Aylsworth" for David Aylsworth (American, 20th century). Very good: edge rubbing, minor restoration, craquelure; unframed.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Homage to Pollock, C. 1970
American School abstract oil painting of dynamic, contiguous and overlapping strokes of crimson, magenta, and coral, circa 1975. Unsigned. Minor edge rubbing. Unframed.
A period, late nineteenth-century watercolor coastal landscape with a view of fishermen mending their nets. Signed lower right, "Clara Curtis" (American, 1858-1906) and painted circa 1885. This listed member of San Francisco Art Association painted widely and with success and, in 1890, was made head of the San Francisco Art Students League. Displayed in a 19th century, gilt-gesso frame. Framed dimensions: 15''H x 2.25''D x 20''W. Very good: painting: toning, surface marks; frame: losses.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Castle de Chillon, Geneva, 1900
19th-century lake landscape showing a view of Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva with the Swiss Alps rising in the distance. Signed lower right, "A. Lang" and painted circa 1900. Very good: surface dirt, edge rubbing, age toning, minor scuffs; unframed.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Thai Dancers, 1960s
A period Modernist figural oil showing a group of women in traditional dress kneeling at the edge of a clear pool. A strong rhythmic composition and a delicate palette of complementary colors distinguish this elegant midcentury work. Painted circa 1960. Very good: age-related fading, minor scuffs, loss to upper right corner; unframed.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
1920s California Coastal Scene
Oil on canvas Southern California seascape showing surf on a rocky shore and the moon breaking through clouds. Signed "Carl Roessler" for Carl. A. Roessler (American, 1877-1934), painted circa 1920. From 1908, Carl Roessler painted seascapes in a bold impressionist style. He exhibited widely and with success including at the Los Angeles County Fair (1936) and the Beverly Hills Woman’s Club (1936). Very good: minor surface marks, stretcher marks, needs cleaning; unframed.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Dutch Coastal Seascape, 1898
Signed verso "Alf E. Edward" (European, 19th century), dated 1989 and titled,"At Werkendam, Holland" with additional inscriptions. A wonderful and light-filled, late nineteenth century Dutch seascape with fine, bravura brushwork and a sensitive palette. Displayed in a period gilt-wood mat. Mat Dimensions: 11.25''H x .75''D x 15''W. Very good: painting: minor losses; mat: minor marks.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Connemara Dawn by Carol Costello
Modernist semi-abstracted landscape showing the sun rising over a lake in Connemara County Galway, Ireland. Signed lower right "Carol Costello" (American, 20th century) and painted circa 1980; additionally signed on verso and titled "Connemara Dawn." This listed artist has exhibited widely and with success including at the Atlanta Portrait Society Competitions, the Hilton Head Art League International Competition and the Salon International Competition, among others. Unframed. Minor losses.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Medieval Town at Sunset, Circa 1915
A large, early twentieth-century oil townscape showing a view of a bustling evening market set beneath a golden evening sky with a view beyond towards a gothic cathedral. Initialed lower right, "S.N.S." and painted circa 1915. Very good: minor restoration, minor craquelure; unframed.
Midcentury study of a young woman with ebony hair contrasted against a variegated jade background. Signed lower left, "Carlos Lopez Ruiz" (American, 1912-1972) and dated 1960; additionally signed lower right. Ruiz studied at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. and exhibited widely and with success, including in New York, California, Mexico and Colombia. Unframed. Minor losses and restoration.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Hummingbirds by John Gould
Exceptional study of hummingbirds from the family Trochilidae, finely hand-colored in iridescent scarlet with silver and gold-leaf plumage. Signed lower left, "J. Gould" and "H.C. Richter." From Gould's "A Monograph of the Trochilidae, or Family of Humming-Birds." "All in all," says Fine Bird Books (p.35) "the Trochilidae of Gould is his masterpiece, and must ever remain a feast of beauty and a source of wonder." Very good: age-toning. Displayed in an elegant coral-gilt frame.
Abstract oil painting of dynamically superimposed and interwoven areas of greens, blues, and ivory against a blue-gray background. Signed lower right "McKeon" for James McKeon (Irish, b. 1942), a listed artist, and painted circa 1975. Unframed. Minor losses, surface marks.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Peregrine Falcon, 1980
Substantial and period ornithological study of a Peregrine falcon on a perch. Signed lower right, "Maureen" and dated November 1980. Very good: age-toning, edge-rubbing, minor restoration; unframed.
A colorist, Cubist-inspired interior scene showing a semi-abstracted figure beside a scarlet table with a still life against a background in variegated green, yellow and red. Signed verso, "Carla Merner" and painted circa 1975. Very good: minor restoration, minor age-toning; unframed.
VINTAGEMcNaught Fine Art
Autumn Lake, 1975
A substantial and period oil landscape showing a view of a peaceful lake set among verdant mountains and framed by the russet foliage of autumn. Signed lower right "Kathryn Cain" (American, 20th century), and painted circa 1975. Very good: age-toning, edge-rubbing; unframed.
Oil painting of sunlight streaming through a window into an elegantly appointed drawing room furnished in the Biedermeier style. Signed lower left "Hans Hilsoe" (Danish, 1871-1942), a listed artist and painted circa 1930. Unframed. Age toning, minor restoration.
A lyrical midcentury painting showing a view of the Grand Canal through a forest of gondola prows and mooring posts. Painted by Ralph Fanning (American, 1889-1971), a listed artist, circa 1929. A Fulbright scholar and winner of the 1924 Wolfe Watercolor Prize, Fanning exhibited widely and with success including at the Art Institute of Chicago, the National Water Color Society, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the Washington Water Color Society. Provenance and titled verso. Unframed.
An elegant, oil still-life of lilies shown informally arranged in a celadon vase contrasted against a muted jade background. Signed lower right, "E. Moore" for Eleanor Moore (American, 20th century) and dated 1991. Moore studied at the Chicago Art Institute and, subsequently, at the Art Students League in New York. She is a member of the American Artists Professional League and the Hudson Valley Art Association. Overall: 27.5''H x 2''D x 31.5''W. Very good: painting: excellent; frame: losses.
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